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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007 8:20 AM
sucha complicated thing to do, i think i know what's the problem.
no need for explaining and lemme get straight to my post>.>

kays,nothing much today. Just spending some Quality time With dear :D.
Kinda Fun lar today :X
First..I went to White sand to meet up with dear..the horrors.
Don't wanna Talk about What/When happened When we were in Library.

After that went to the park with dear,to relax. :X
LOL..went to beach play with the sea water.
me and dear talked and sat on the beach and talked for a while.

then went to the secret spot..which im not gonna explain..
rollroll fun hor :X ,LOL.

kays..Then we made our way to the Mrt Station and Dear Went home While I made My
Way to Yamaha to Buy Guitar String for My step sister's Guitar.
Okay..Then Went Back home,Fixed and string guitar then Chatted with Dear Online.

She kindly made the Guild's Friendster.
So I decided to Edit The Profile. Backgrounds and stuffs.
So be sure to check it out (:

Last but not least,
i wanna welcome gladys Aka skittlesKITTYx to the guild..although her profile's not up yet.
Hopefully by tommorow,it's up. (:

Ps. i love you too my irreplacable baby :P

"kk sex bye" -Dungeonhoneydew. LOL.
k lar,i'm off to sleep. Bye! >.>

skittlesCARAMELx was here.