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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007 6:15 AM
Time for me to Post About,Today :D.

hmm..95% of the day was happy and 5% of the day was..angry kinda feeling.

kays..first I went to Whitesands taing 358 to meet dear.
aiyer..went to the toilet on the third floor..
suddenly saw dear,then I tried to act stupid but she caught me xP.
Then she asked me to go library to meet her friends...I didnt want to But She Insisted lar,
so Have to lor,awtaz.

So we went up the fourth Floor and Gina waved at me from inside the Library's cafe.
so I waved back ><. kays then went to the cafe and Dear gave me my xmas present. Winnie the pooh. It was very cute,really very cute lar TT. I wanna say thanks for giving it to me,eventhough i didnt give u an xmas present ): Then i went to the Magazines corner and read..blabla.. dear got angry cause i purposely didnt call her when she Passed Through me. :S sorry dear :l Then We went to pasir ris Park,Again. LOL :S I love it when I'm with her ><,Really.

Feel..Somehow..Secure if I'm around her leh.
Heh,we went in the maze And .. Suddenly got One group of guys came.. rofl,dun wanna talk about it. :X
But It was fun lar when they went out, Right,dear?:x

hehe,then we went to the beach and Made a fool out of ourselves But who Cares? :P. (: , then While We're On Our way home..


Me and dear was walking on a road where ppl can Cycle and walk?
There was this small girl that cycled Infront of Dear and turned.
kay la..the moment she turn..it was her own problem that she fell down,what.

then he Father Came And Scolded Us? i was like wtf? He was scolding us with the word using The word Fuck to emphasize

Let me tell you what?,i'm not scared lar hor -.-''

That Fucking Spoilt mine and dear's mood.
I mean come on..wtf did we do? I giggled..so wad? Gees.
Then I gave him the buay song glare..
Nbccb,go die fag, _l_. sheesh.

then dear went home..aw ): I miss her already lar TT sigh.

Then when i went home..i had this fucking headache. seriously painful.
Dear,sorry again for not pei-ing you. :l.

Sigh,Before that,i Went to bubble tea Shop, And Suprisingly Omw There ,I saw zul then we chatted for a while.

Found out from him that it was sutri's bDay,Happy Birthday ,sutri :D

lol aiyo,then i went and bought oreo coffee :S,yumm.

Haiz,next year's coming really soon..
"Dear god,the only thing I Ask of You,
Is to Hold Her When I'm Not Around,
when I'm much too Far Away"

Take care of dear hor T.T Cause i'll not be seeing her as much..next year. )': sigh.

Guess I'll stop blogging here. Bye, guys ):

PS.Happy 118th,I Love you so,dear(:

SkittlesCARAMELx,signing off.