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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007 8:56 PM
okays -.-

we have 2 new members joining the skittles..woot? ._.
skittlesSHORTIEx aka. phat
skittlesECLIPSEx aka.Farn.
Their Profile will be up later. muhaha -.-

wahlao..eclipse sia.. zzz..nevermind.
nevertheless..let's welcome them :D

finally finished putting up their profile.
phat,your birthday lemme know at msn or smth ><.
zzz,headache liao omg @_@.

upcomings/things to do:
-Tmrw's Finally 4th months eventhough it was yesterday.
-School's starting..
-Dear's fourth month animation is yet to be completed,fuck. =.=''
-Dear's Birthday Coming soon,she's gonna be one year older than me,*paiseh*-.-''
-Cut Hair with martin tmrw,must Give small boy chance. <>
-Buy her That Piglet toy
-sew one more side of the rank and i'm done.
-sleep. zzz.
shit,guess i'll finish it up right now..ahhh chibai,so many things to finish. =.=

First and Foremost

fuck you,You Fucking Piece Of shit,also known as my DAD
you fucking suck as a dad,i tell you.
You provide Food,money,education,i know.
But You dun give a damn about understanding me,typical teeenager problem.
jesus christ..

to hell with it,You asked me to cut my hair today and i didnt.
i spoke in a rude manner,to calm things down,cause u simply won't Geddit right?Then you Hit me for nth. You're seriously unreasonable.
I Procrastinate,Moreover,i didnt had the money,So What?
i'll explain briefly,Well..last week on the second day when i went out with dear.
He Gave me 50$ ,I used 10$ for ezlink money.
I used another 10$ for food. so i had 30$ rite?
k good.
the other 10$ was on food and other expenses.
k so wad's the problem?
i'm left with 20 bucks to buy A Pair of shoe.
And today u gave us 50 bucks
Fine, I bought socks..food..hidayah's bag.
left with only 5 fucking bucks.

And may i ask Why should i cut A.S.A.P?,my hair's not appropriate for your standards?
For you info,i don't cut at those barber anymore.
I'm not in the mood to be in your Fucking standard Because i have my own.
You think i Get Influenced BY all those bad company?,Jangan macam paham sua,boy.
I can,But i chose not to,cause there's such thing called SELF-CONTROL.
You act like you know everything sia,but aw, so sad. YOU DON'T

lemme tell you what man,There like 3 days left to cut
let's say there's 7 hours in the afternoon.
Fucktard,there's 21 hours for me to cut,asshole.
Throw my guitar somemore,You wanna see me as a loser, right?
Fuck you man. Nevermind,i shall not respect you as a dad.
i fucking swear it over my life.
oh don't be sad,treat it as a return for Stabbing My FUCKING HEART.
fuck you,fuck your butt with a long object,i dun give a damn.
Because you fucking suck..Fucking low life bastard..as low as a thrash,ass licker.
Kaninabu chao chi bai.
you just suck
thanks for those who protected me when he hit me.
And thank you bastard,for hitting me..You just made me fucking lost my respect for you.
"it takes years for people to get along with each other,but it takes a few seconds to tear that relationship down,but we can forgive..to mend it all. Well let me tell you wad,i Don't Give a fuck about forgiveness,Cause from time to time i've forgiven,now it's just Fucking too much,We're even. You had your shot and now it's mine. heh,Fuck you

Next Hari raya ..when u see me begging for forgiveness to you,i'll just say it,
i don't fucking mean it.