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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007 1:24 AM
Had this scrumptious dinner at Suntec City.
Sorry dear, for not pei-ing you yesterday.
And sorry guys, didn't blog yesterday.
Was soooo damn tired after the dinner.
Went home at 9.30pm. (:

Yeap, I'm now going to intro you guys these wonderful dishes by PRP.

Chilli sauce and a plate of veggies.
Okay, I'm not sure of the veggie thing. :l

The waiter who served us. ROFL.
Looked so ghey-ish sia. :X

First dish - the appetiser.
Chicken broth Sharkfin soup.
1 bowl = $20? x_x

Peking Duck.
Soooo delicious.

Wasabi prawns, heavenly.

Prawnpaste Chicken. :D

Lotus, asparagus and whatever veggies here. :S

Scallops and kailan veggies. :D

Oatmeal prawns. REALLY REALLY GOOD. :P

Duck meat mixed with onions, carrots and spices.
Not bad either.

My dessert. :D
Mango sago with pomelo and ice cream.

My sister's. Mango pudding. :S

Dad's. Green apple jelly.
Weird, but still nice to eat.
Got peppermint too.

Mom's. Durian pancake. Not so bad too.


I know I'm very vain lah. D:
Can't help it, I'm a girl what. So,
Took pictures in the toilet with sis as well. :D

The toilets are quite clean.
But spooky. LOL.
There's this last cubicle which has an automatic door.
It spooked my sister and kept yelling the way out.
So lame. :X

But sadly, my sister didn't want me to put her picture here, so..
oh well. :l

P.s. like my top? :D
Bought at Bugis Street.
Forgot price, but quite cheap.

Yep, that's about it.
Okay, time for accompanying my dear~
Just in case, he might be angry. LOL.
(Actually, he won't. -_- whatever.)
Goodbye people. :D

And, most importantly,


With love,