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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007 4:13 AM

okay,what else?-.-

Anyways, right after my cca, I met dear and went Pasir Ris Park again.
Bought this Winnie the Pooh bear for him.
He said he loves it! :D

Hello, I'm Skittles, the mascot! :D

Miss GuaiKia doing hw.

Thanks GuaiKia CH for accompanying me to buy worh. :D
*LELONG LELONG, who wants buy her? she's single leh. xD

Before meeting dear, saw YM and Gina at the library.
Oh yeah, thanks Gina for the songs too. xD
No thanks to YM for being such a K-PO. -.-

Anyways, back to the park setting.
Went to the sandy beach to talk and play awhile. :D

Here's a couple of videos made at the beach. Okay, I kow it's lame laaaaa. But funny.
Watch them to kill boredom. :D haha.

Part One

Part Two

Okay enough of nonsense.
:X, here's a couple of pictures drawn by
Me and Dear on the sand.

Skittles! Our guild! :D

Retarded face by dear. :S

Retarded voodoo doll face by me. -_-

Mermaid by the sea by me.

Retarded Riduan is loved by ME :D


More random pictures for the sake of fun. x_x

Retarded looking rock. -_-

Another retarded looking rock. -_-

Dearrr! Don't emo. LOL. :S

Dear look so cute in MY specs. LOL. :D

Dear's shoe is SERIOUSLY big for me. ._.

Keep holding on. ><


Although didn't get to go that special spot (:X) again, I still feel blessed lah. Because I enjoyed every minute with him(:

Oh yeah. We went to the maze too. :D Can't get lost. And urh, kinda embarrassed though. A group of urh guys cycled into the maze. Of course, they saw us. The funny thing about this was, one of them said,''Eh, let's go leh. Don't play gooseberry sia. Here got people." Another guy glanced and added,''Ya lor, sibei dian deng pao nia." They cycled away. LOL.


I wanna complaint about this retarded uncle who yelled at us at the park. Tell me, is he wrong or are we wrong? We were holding hands and walking briskly at the walkway. Then this family cycled towards us. This little girl cycled slowly infront of her parents. When I saw her, I walked to the side. The girl tried to like urh cycle to the side too? Unfortunately, she lost her balance and fell from the bicycle. Dear was like ''hor hor'' to me AND giggling. The father/uncle suddenly yelled at us and scolded us lor. Whatever. Just imply retarded okay? -_-

Btw, I think I'm feeling very very very very sleepy at the moment.

Sigh, yawn. Goodbye for now. :D

P.S. ILY dear. :D

With love,