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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Monday, December 31, 2007 5:10 AM
time to blog,yo! :D
today,in the morning.
Woke up around 10.30 and saw taufik's sms.
so i got up..and met up with martin,then to caltex ,to meet taufik of course.
then we went in to the school to collect taufik's book only to find out that the bookshop was closed.
Then headed to fusion to cut hair,only to find out that it was closed,fuck.
Taufik suggested we go KFC to have our lunch..and so we went.
i sat down and took care of our seat..while they went to buy their food.
They both are kind enough to let me eat some,especially Taufik..cause he gave me 3/4 of his zinger,eventhough he didnt ate any breakfast,thanks bro (:

After Eating,We chatted for a while and hope that Fusion would open.
Then we went to fusion and it's still closed,so we went Le Sande instead.
well,my fringe's shorter,my back's long..and then me and martin was like Arguing over over hair. Kinda weird lar,cause we always fight to see who's hair was longer. lol ><.

Then went home,smsed dear ..but in the end we didn't Go out..so chatted With her online.
then my All excess DVD finished downloading,woot! so i watched it :D
Kinda meaningful,really meaningful.
The video's about how the band came about and stuffs.

okay,then dear made this Thing that she promised to do every month for me.
i swear,it was so sweet..so touching,i love you lah dear (;
haiz,I'm really sry about your Text animation,it was a disaster..such a fucking big disaster.
I tried to stay up until 1 in the morning but the bumb on my head my killing me.
moreover,the photoshop said it was to big.sigh. :'/

Guess ill say what i wrote here lar :l
Although it might sound kinda..oh-so-boring or,aiya so typical..
I Mean it from the Bottom of my Heart. So yeah,(:

here it goes,

Dear!,hehe ><.
First and Foremost, I would like say,
Happy Fourth Month,dear Laopo.
I love you,dear<3

Kays,i'll make it short But A meaningful Piece,alright?
i'm really sorry For the times when i broke your heart over and over again.
And also,thanks for the times We Shared together,both good and bad.
thanks for those kisses,Embraces,care and concern.
because without them,i'd feel small..I just wanna say Thanks,Thank you so Very Much For making My life Worthwhile,I Appreciate Them Very much.

Next Year's coming,gonna Be a Tough year ahead,so work Hard alright?
When You're down..or troubled,You can call my name out loud,and soon i'll be there.
Cause i'm your superman! :D,lol -.-''.

anyways,i just wanna say I love you many many many many many many,laopo(:
I promise to be Faithful to you
I promise to Cherish you
I promise to Love you,only you.
Promise me you'll do likewise too? ):
And i promise you to love you Forever.

I Guess,that's all(:
From your laogong,
Happy 4th month,baby(: