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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Friday, January 25, 2008 11:01 AM

okay. enough Of my Zilian pictures :X, and on to pictures at taufik's house.

Martin Playing Gunz,jian ann was watching Him.

we All were watching Martin Play gunz

Marcus's soccer Ball ._. , havent used since xmas. lmao.

Jun kai and martin playing eraser while hearing Jun wei Talking with cheryl. :S

The fat pork talking to cheryl >.> LOL.

And i know i got one more photo to show,martin's pants. LOL.
But Let's not bastard :X
the Picture's not so close lar obviously.
lol.Ask me from msn if u want to see it.

Hmm,Time to blog about yesterday and Today
Well,Yesterday was The day of the release of the O level results.
hoho ._.

Just wanna say Congratulations To Weichi, for getting 8 points.
Haven't Deducted cca points yet though.so After that, 2points deducted.
Then she's in Nanyang jc using Her prelims results and she get's to stay In there.
2points deducted.
4 points for her O level. Jesus x_x. That's so Unbelievable lah!! >.>

Propro,Teach me also cannot sia T_T.
wahhh -.-
That made me Motivated Like siao already. No idea why..but i'm somehow Motivated.
Must go poly poly poly~
long hair, long hair, long hair~
Business course,business course, business course~ x_x
Diploma diploma diploma~ :D.

Argh! 2 more years.
Must must must!! >.>
okay,i'm paranoid alr :S.

Then Yesterday Went to meet dear too.
aww ): , Great To see her again TT.
i miss her la :/
Then we were in the library...
Gladys and thadsha... LOL.
Laugh so loud.. LOL >.>
Until I burst out of laughter Cause Of that.
Damn funny.
hmmm....Dunno what else Happened Leh?
:P,sarcastic me.

Then me and dear stayed at the library alone for a while.
talktalk and stuffs.
Haiz,camp's around the corner.
sian. Compulsory to go sia.
wahlao :'l

Nothing much happened really.
Typical school day,except for Geog Period.
Teacher didnt come.
We were all partying~ :D
Then Jun wei Find Problem with syafiq.
Then syafiq,dion and falek asked Bennicker wad Gang Is jun wei in,sarcastically.
He reply was....
Then dion,Falek and Syafiq...
*Punch punch punch*

Then after school Chiong-ed Home.
Stupid ass bus,wait for like 20 mins?
still havent come. -.-

Then Took 23 with johan to safra and waited for 15.
Then a few seconds later 15 came,nearly flooded with Temasek poly students.

When back home,changed,went back to school for Ncc.
sian,i'm feeling rather Scared About Spec course :l
After what zuib said arh, While Zuib was talking,
dear smsed me..gah,had to reply and at the same time Pay attention.
sigh,sorry :l

Then went home and slept for 3 hours.
super exhausted.
And Talked to dear for a while.
(: + ):
i'm happy cause We get to talk.
I'm sad cause, i'm missing her very very very very much as im typing.

I wonder If she still misses me? )':
sigh, dear TT.
i miss you,Super duper fucking much lah. ):

Guess i'll stop here for today and sleep.gosh,it's 3.56 am already.

Time to sleep :D!