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A cold day.
Wednesday, January 30, 2008 4:38 AM
Got back my maths class test.
I failed.
A remarkably 'good' mark of 8/20.
Am I shocked?

Well, hell yes.

3/9 leh.
What do you think of the expectations of teachers?
We're supposely the best secondary 3 class in PRCS.
& You expect me to fail and have like ''ooh, I'm used to it man." kinda attitude?

Despite studying so hard,
I still failed.
I swear I studied.
I'm not in the mood of getting sad and crying over spilled milk.
I feel tired and sick of everything.
Emo? Na-ah. Nil. Not at all.

Just sighing at the fact that Ms Ong wanted me
to get a parent's signature on the test paper.
This is called ''cruelty.'' people.
She's ever so nice.

I can still work hard eh?
It's only the start of the year. (Thank goodness.)
Although it's counted as part of the CA marks,
maybe the next text would pull me up if i score well.
:D, I'm not discouraged, really.
Somehow, this paper gave me a wake-up call.
I've to work doubly hard then others.

I was sick yesterday,
and you know my schedule is always packed with a hundred and one important events.
Mathematics. Especially this subject.
Oh dear me.

I can't afford to miss any of the lessons already!
Ms Ong has already started A maths up to chapter2,
although I knew how to solve simultaneous equations, chapter 1.

The rest of the following chapters are strangers to me.
Not including surds and indices. Logarithm is a total blank for me.
Oh god, I don't have tuitions or any assessment books
or guide books to help me either.
Worst still, I can't approach anyone at home.
I'm always solo-ing alone in the house.
Sigh. Terrible.

English wasn't that disappointing.
At least I passed the diagnostic test.
Mdm Kamisah's ever so nice<3
A 18/30 for composition.
I know it's an average student kinda mark,
I'm contented.

She told us she marked by the Cambridge marking scheme,
so what you get here might reflect what you'll get in O level English compo.
Woo, thank goodness I didn't fail.
Lots of people failed badly.
Lol, Jun Hao got 14. Just one mark to pass.
Obeegoot, serve him right. :P

I'll type out my composition here in the next post,
so you can rate it too.
Please give constructive feedbacks okay?
Tell me my faults and my pros, if any. :)
Kindly appreciated. :)

Saddest thing isn't these.
It's... about dear lah.

Dear went for his camp today till Friday.
Sigh. I was ever so bored.
I miss him badly.
Wonder how's he now, :'(
3 days leh, waaaa.
How to survive without him? :'(

He can't message me like usual.
And I'm always busy with schoolwork.
I feel less loved, nevertheless.
A mixed feeling started to flood in eventually.

what more can I say?
I'm used to it anyways..

I miss him, so much so much...

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