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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008 2:20 AM
First Day Of Secondary 3

Long pants,finally.
but it's baggy,wahlao.
alter it then!,fuck you..no money.

well,It's boring la.
Fucking boring.
Typical thing -.-, teacher thought i was a chinese..okay... -.-
but she's kind.
We did ice breakers,during the first few periods.
I was kinda skeptical about it at first la,but then i had fun -.-''
played dog and bone. rofl

After that it was recess,
Went with 3a ,sigh..How I wish i was with them.
marcus,martin,taufik. sigh. )':

I'm fucking lonely alright? T.T
then after recess went to hall for some shits announcement and discipline thing.
then went back to class, and it was social studies period.
._.ll ,lil bit scared about it .. ahhh =.=.

then after school have cca meeting.
about cca orientation,blah.wadever -.-
we learned how to setup the tent thingy
then gonna do it tommorow,which i believe i'm not gonna attend to.

then went back home with zul.

happy 123rd.
sigh,i miss dear.so much :'l
tmrw,probably meeting her..yay..sigh.

not in a good mood,so i'll end it here.

skittlesCARAMELx was here.

Probably..,we're drifting apart,sigh.

Fuck everything man.

something so right,ended up turning so wrong.

then. haiz.

i'm not letting you go.
I'll wait..for as long as you want me to.
Because i promised.
sigh,what a depressing moment.

fucked up.

bye la.