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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Slacky Day
Monday, January 7, 2008 4:39 AM
And So I bought this new phone..with my own money.
then,i know la..I noob in sony ericsson -.-
Herina Said That my phone can shake like dear's
Mine's not the same as dear's,FYI.
Then Jane showed me how to on bluetooth. zzz
-.-ll,paiseh la,but everyone has their first time rite..

didn't ate for recess,sibei hungry D:

Then Went to detention As I was late for school.
It was a short one though,take ez-link card and zhao (:
heng laa.

then i went to elias mall cc to collect my cheque.
Trying my luck To see whether the Receptionist will still give my cheque eventhough the letter they gave me was misplaced.
Eventually,i failed. ):

then i went home for a while and made my way to Whitesands to meet dear (:
yayayayayayayay!!!!!! :D

Bought her present,sigh,
it cost a bomb x_x. oh well.. :S

Glad to know that dear like it.
then this benard keep asking me where dear live... -.-
since schooling hours leh.. wtf? irritated by him zz.

then we slacked around whitesands and stuffs -.- then go home,awwww ):
then i lost dear book strap while we're in the mall ..........................zzz.

ARGHHH~~~ Fucked up le la me D:

k la,i got homeworks due tommorow,so i'll end it here.

Note:i'll post some pictures Probably after i figure out how to transfer from my phone to comp.
zzzz,it's around 3-4 hours+, to dear's Birthday.

she's finally 15,soon (: .
awww,happy early 15th year old birthday,laopo! <3.
hope you like the pressie i gave you (:
although i could'nt afford a pressie better than that,but i hope you really like it ><.
i shall Be the first one to wish you happy birthday! :D HAHA,xD.
okay... cut the crap,rid. -.-''
niways,happy early 15th birthday to you once again,dear (:

last but not least
Happy 128th day,i love you.<3