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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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On the Wedding Day..
Wednesday, January 9, 2008 2:04 AM
Guess i'll blog for today
hopefully dear can blog today Lah :S
lol,okay back to this.

Today,Me and My sis Skipped School.
At least got reason right! :P.
lol,it was my dad and step mom's wedding,kinda compulsory to attend but.. -.-
zz,we did nth in the end.
stood there,witness them signing papers and hearing saying those Solemn Things.
Guess i'll Pictures do the talking again.
In chronological order.
Part1) At home
part2) at the registeration of marrige

part 1.

okay,not many pictures taken,but it's like what they say..picture Tells a thousand words.

on to the second part.

My sis's high heel and my school shoes ._.
and the second one is a picture of my sis

White,black,white! :D

We we're Waiting for some people outside that Private solemnization suite.
When we're in ._.

took some pictures while waiting in front of the suite room thing

some kind of keris or wadever you call it.

Here's some random Conversation Between Aunty 1 and Aunty2 that i heard while sitting.
"rot(or wadever his nickname is) at sea arh?" said aunty 1
"no lah i take taxi" said aunty 2.
LOL. Aunty 2 thought that aunty 1 was talking about how you got to this place. LOLOL.
Try pronouncing it,LOL xD.

At the picture taking place,
in the car wearing dad's shades.

Lol,kay la. I gtg now for the dinner x_x.

i wonder if dear miss me as much as i'm missing her :'l
Happy 130th day,laopo.
i love you<3.

haiz,that's all.