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Saturday, January 5, 2008 8:16 PM
Okay,Weird entry title eh?
haha,since I've got nothing to do except Wondering whether Baby woke up alr or not and Missing her,
I decided to write Down What I wrote On the Journal That Sokkan Asked me to write
for dear,of course. (:

bear In Mind that This Dates Back To December '07.

Read If you wanna.
this Is My side of the Story.
Everything should be Accurate,i guess

Well,here it goes.

8december'07/99th day.
everything seemed perfect until this fateful day...

heh,and so..Her dad had found out that dear was going out with me.
right after her sister called her Handphone,her dad called immediately after that.
Oh my,Too Many Emotions came when he called. Shocked and panic are the few ones to mention,I swear that I could pee in my pants anytime when she picked up the phone.
Immediately After the call,we went back up to the mrt platform and made our way home.

"All I could Do was Watch her fall Helplessly,Pray for her and Feel sorry for her,for getting her into this mess"
I miss you.

...okay la...I shan't continue with the rest,cause..it's personal?
dear,if you're reading This..I'm sorry that I made you think of it again.

09decmeber 'o7/100th day
one day since it happened.Haven't been spending much time with each other.
But all I ever Think About is,you.
You,you,you ,you,you,you,you and YOU!,dear.
I'm missing You So So Much,I hope you're missing me as Much as I do,sigh.
All I Can Do is wait till that day comes.

okays,that day was the 100th day ,so i'm happy lah,somehow :D.

10december'07/101th day.

I shan't Talk About the Class Gathering.
But i found this part relating to That Fateful day and on the day me and dear went to ECP
me,marcus,Taufik and hamizan Decided to eat Burger King.
Okay,I remembered that Me and dear was playing at the beach ):
having a good time picking seashells.
Then we went in Burger King, And Marcus made the same mistake not Asking for Student Meal.
Just like what I did,on that fateful day );
That kinda reminded me not to make the same Mistake,So I Ordered Student meal la eh!~
:P,lol,no idea why am i making this such a big deal,maybe it's because..because ..sniffsniff TT.

haiz,Then dear waited and waited for me to come online..but i didn't.
wahlao, TT.

11th december '07;102nd day.
Nth much happened on that day.
Me and Daryl Got into Trouble messing with gangsters on msn.
Dear Rebonded her hair and Had Dinner at Some restaurant,
while I'm Starving and wondering How She looks like.
rofl. :S,i miss you so<3.

On DECEMBER 12th,I didn't Write anything.

On to 13th!

13th december '07;104th day
well,I Got Pretty Angry And Kinda..wrote Vulgarities.
Oh well,i'll do a summary,without any Vulgarities that is. :P
Me and Dear webbie-ed.
then she heard me talking rudely to my mom.
so I go Embarrased then i face the webcam upwards.
then we fought.
Then I kinda Apologized to her and she cheer me up with the PowerPuff Girl Dolls ><. so I Cheer-ed up (: K,then I slept in the afternoon from 3 to 5+? Then we webcammed Again,Till Dinner. Here's We Go again,the sucky part of the story.
Dear Said she was sleepy lah,so she wanted to off the computer and go to bed.
I said okay.
Out of the blue,she said this. "my Boyfriend Asking me la,zz, LOL :X"

Well,I was like,shocked and Angry?
You know the Wtf? kinda feeling?. yea,add the shocked feeling and you know how I felt. (:
Then she Added Her "boyfriend" which was her "Kor" lah,to the conversation..
okay..I was angry already at that point of time.
So They started talking mushy stuffs,...you know....yeah.
i was like.."oh okay".just..acted like I didnt care.

But The More I Watch them say those things, the more i got Angry.
I Kinda spammed At the Dungeons chatroom,"bitch,bitch,bitch,bitch"? okay,

I even shouted "fuck you,bitch",out of the window..i swear. Okay,

Now to what happened in the chat. i didnt blurted out anything. i Just gave Simple replies lah. then Dear got mad, and Appeared offline. then She was like.."you don't care me at all" I was like,what the fuck?,how the hell am I at fault when i didn't did anything sia?
then she didnt say anything.
She kept saying "It's her fault la,happy?"
then aiya,she was the one to apologize.
then she explained and stuff like that.

Blah,That's all for that day.

December 14th/105th day.
This was the day that..I met..Dear's sister,candy.
._.ll,freaking Paiseh for a while,but after that made friends with her la.
lol,keep Scolding things at each other :S.
But most of all,I Get to See DEAR!! :D
Damn Happy la
but Kinda akward to do those things...Infront of her sis at first. LOL >< watched Alvin and the chipmunk. :S kinda cute (:

Lol,then went back home ):
sad lor T_T. haizzz.

Okay then from then on I didn't Write,
becuase dear said it was old fashion? x_x
zzz...Paiseh la..lol -.-

Guess that's all for today.

last but not least, i love you,baby<3