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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Riduan's Back In Action, people.
Thursday, January 31, 2008 11:22 PM
After That 3-days Of Boring-Fun-middle of fun and Boring Day,I'm back Home Typing This.
So I Shall Say What happened.

Day 1.

Woke up,Bathed Went to school With my Things and Went to School As usual.
Okay..Had National Anthem And bla bla.

The sec 3's That we're Supposed to go to the camp stayed at the Quadrangle court and waited.
So we,3b,3d,3f,3h and 3j stayed.
In fact We're the only sec 3 classes At there Because the other Classes are at the Campsite.
Suddenly,Mr soh said..

"We need To check If there's Contraband items,So Surrender Your Valuables To Us Now,If not We'll Confiscate it And Return It to you in one Month."

One thing That pisses me off is,Contraband Items Are Like Ciggerates,right?
Cause That's what Secondary School People does,Smoking.
But I doubt People Would Smuggle Drugs,Hor?
Then Food also Take la?
Fuck you.

My chocolate, you go take, _l_.
That Was Suppose to Mend My heart When I'm missing Dear Very Much Okay :'l.

Now Another Thing was,My valuable.
I surrendered My wallet Only.
So my Handphone Is still with me,I hid it In-between My slippers in A Plastic Bag.
The Teacher Cleared me Cause when he took a glimpse of The Plastic bag And said I'm Okay.

Bernard's A Smart Guy.
He Brought Poker Cards And Went to Take the Whole Deck And Put it inside his 2 shoes.
Wow,Good effort-.-

Then After I Got away.. I Asked Bernard To Follow me to the Toilet.
So we went to the toilet and I Immediately Text dear.

After that,we went On the bus And Head To the Campsite.
Oh Btw,The campsite's At MOE Labrador Adventure Centre.

Reached there, And I saw keow! :D
My sec2 camp Instructor~ Awww.
Kinda Great to see her,It's Been a long time.
She asked How's Everything and stuff.

Okay,After that,we had Briefing,Forming Our Groups And Stuffs.
Went to our dorms/Bunks(whatever you Call it) and Put Our stuffs There.
And Went to the Hall.

Pure Boredom,Trust me.
We sit there for A few hours Till Afternoon and Some Of us Were Dozing Off.
Went For Lunch ,Texted Dear After that and Went to The Hall Back.
Omg,We Could've Died In the Hall Because Of Boredom,for god sake.
The activities Are all...Ugh. -.-
Sounds Like Imma Whiner Hor?
Ask Those Who were Inside too,They Find it Boring Aswell. (:

Around 4+, We Finally went out of the Damn Hall and went to Play some games.
Till around Dinner Time, Text Dear Again and went to the hall,again.

But This Time,It was Something About Perseverance.
Something Which Was Kinda serious, In My Opinion.
We Had 2 People,As A Blocker(aka.Obstacles In your Goals)
1 pusher(aka. The Person Whose Striving For that Particular Goal)
1 Encourager,Self Explanatory -.-

I Started The Ball rolling and Became The pusher.
Told Wei eang,Dion and Jin Hui my Goals.
And Dion And Jin Hui decided To the blockers.
Dion's A Potential entertainer :D
I Love To laugh At His jokes ><.
So we Started the Activity. Pushed and pushed and pushed,
But eventually Got To Them Beyond The line,1 time. -.-
After that,reflection. We repeated this Till Everyone became The pusher at least One Time.
So we Had Time For one more push. I became The Pusher Cause I wasn't satisfied. Pushed,pushed and pushed Again. This time it was 3times.woot! :D.
Really satisfied,Now I know How It Felt After Giving Your 100% percent.
After that activity,went to Bunk.
Went Straight To the Bunk,Only to find that my phone Was Confiscated.

Unbelievable,but at the same time..Expected this To happen.
So yeah..Felt Remorsed,sad..Missing Dear so Much,What the hell Am i suppose to do?

After that Bathe,Had Debrief And Went to Our bunk for inspection.
3 teachers Came,I only remembered That Mr wong And Mr soh,can't remember The last one.
So I Kinda Asked Them lar And
They Asked Me Whether The W580i was mine,I said Yes And
They replied "We'll Give It Back To You On friday at school",
Thank God They'll Give me back,Worried sick Okeh! TT.
Then After The whole Bunk Inspection Finished.
I immediately Went to the Teacher's Room and Called Dear,

After An Agonizing Moment Waiting For The line.
In The Room,I saw A teacher And Sokkan.
So I couldn't called Dear,"Dear". :l

Dialled Her number.. and She Picked Up.
I pretended That i was Calling My mom. -.-
Called Her ma, -.-
Informed Dear That My handphone Got Confiscated
And Said My handphone Will Return to me On Friday.
I kinda Immediately Put Down The Phone after that Because,I didn't want to Be inconsiderate.
There Were so Many People Que-ing Up for the Phone,So, I'm sorry About that Dear :l.

Went Back to the Bunk And Slept..Few Tears Came out..
Luckily Bernard and Bennicker didnt saw it
I miss you so,dear.
Happy Belated 151st,I love you laa )';

Day 2
Woke Up Early,Thanks To The Alarm Clock I set In my Wrist watch.
lol..Bathed early And Curled In my Bed For like 15mins? ._.
And Then Went to Play BB with Dion and Friends.
Then Breakfast,And Went In Hall Till Afternoon.

The Best Part About This Particular Afternoon was,
We Did Belaying,Went up the High Element,flying Fox(woot!),Abseiling(:D),Last But not least,
Human Ladder[I'll elaborate more on it Later (: ]

Enjoyed all Of it,With My Friends And Classmates.
High element Was the first Course We did,Followed the Instructions When Draw the lot.
We Splitted In our Groups.
Put on our harness,Helmet,Went In and Had Fun(okay,Maybe Thrills Too.).
And My Turn To Start The Ball Rolling again as Nobody wanted to go first
Daring huh,Aren't I? :P.

Went Up there,While Bennicker,Dion And Wei Kiat Belayed.
Walked and Balanced throughout the Crossed Wire.
Freaking High From my Point Of view,Furthermore,there's People Supporting me.
Very hard to Keep My concentration But Nevertheless,
I Completed The thing when I started to think About dear.
From,"gogo riduan!" to ,"dear,dear,dear,dear..Everything About dear came in my mind".
Used It To motivate Myself though. (:
So yeah,When I was Coming down.. I heard Dion saying "riduan My idol sia!"
Not trying To Be boastful here,But That's what I heard.
so Every Boys Went there And completed,but Majority of the Girls didn't.
Oh ya,I belayed Too. :P

Afterwards,it was Human Ladder.
Okay,I shall Start My elaboration Here.
We Have Like,A few Bundle Of Strong Wooden Sticks.
The Starting point and Ending Point was At a distance Apart.
Two People Holding At Each Of the End,And We Had to Start From The starting point.
So Basically,

We Had all Our Classmates Holding At each end of the Sticks And Lined Up,Like A ladder.
And At least one person Have To"Climb" Horizontally.

<--------------------Route ----------------------->

i i i
x ----------------------------------------------------y
i i i
Starting point Ending Point

Get the idea now?
You Better,cause I'd Be wasting my Time typing This if you don't
. xP

Okay That Really Helped Us To Bond Together And Encourage Those Bigger sized people..
To Go And "climb" it.
My experience was,It's quite Scary Cause When you're "climbing" it,
You'll Get cramps At your thighs,Felt Anxious Too Because The person Infront me Climbed
At A Slow Pace.

After That,Went To the Abseiling And Flying fox ! :D
woot,Majority Of us Went for Flying Fox.
Wore Our equipments And Went up.
When We're Waiting..Welson.. -.-,Was Panicking.. He was scared To go Down. :l
But eventually He did lar. But It took quite a Long time and delayed the others.
But Oh well..After that,It Was my turn.
xD,Had Fun..Wasn't the First Time Trying it either..But it's still fun.
The scary Part was When You Are Going Down,that's all xP.
Went Abseiling After that,Fun Too. :S

Okays,After all the Activities,We Had Dinner And Then Campfire.

The campfire's 3/4 Boring and 1/4 boring.
Boring Cause..I'm thinking About dear. )':
Sigh. TT.
Happy Belated 152nd Day,my love.
I love you.

Day 3
Finally the last day of camp.
I'm fucking happy.
Had Area cleaning
On the way in the Bus,Some Played With Colgate and Put it On our Hair.
I tio-ed it too >.>
Lmao,It's Like wax leh! xD.
Xien Yang Got Bullied,Daniel Too. Lmao.

I'm starting To Love This Class.My one and only 3d (:
Just Wanna say Thanks To Bennicker,Jin Hui,Wei eang,Wei kiat,Dion,Aizat And Bernard.
Things Wouldn't Be fun without them,so Yeah.

I'm finally Done With This.
Now,I still Have "behind the scene".
  1. Wad Happened In our Rooms
  2. Na AND Nt fought With The Express
  3. Caterings At there
  4. What Happened During Camp Fire
  5. Some other things,i guess (:
Looking forward to it? :S
I hope so.

For Dear,
Ahhh dear TT,How come Can Fail again!? TT.
omfg laaa TT. Maybe imma Distraction to you? ):
Sigh,Maybe i'm leh.
I'm Sorry :/.