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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Sorry For MIA-ing ,Here's update! :D
Wednesday, January 23, 2008 5:50 AM
finally Updating the blog.
Taking a break while doing A maths homework. :P

okay,School's pretty stress i should say.
Not enough sleep la,that's why ):
decided to slack for a bit.
Went to taufik's House with Martin and Jian ann.
Then we Met up with marcus,Jun wei and Jun kai.
Me and Martin Played soccer while They played basketball.
Martin's Pants Tore while playing soccer. LOL.

Then After That,we went back to taufik's house
and Jun wei keeps Bragging About his "Pork pork"
Laughing Like retards lah xD.
He used his phone and called cheryl.
we we're like.."accept taufik leh"
But she Comes up with excuses and bla bla bla lah.
x_x,Then taufik emo-ed. aw.

Enough About that.
now on to me and dear.
I don't know how to say this lar,but..
I'll just say it here.
Sometimes,i just cant help but feeling that you're Taking this promise for granted.
k lah..that was like 2 days ago when we met.
then after that we're like chatting in msn,suddenly so speechless.
dear was...playing habbo.ugh. -.-
just so..Fcking..ugh.
i went in habbo and went to the room where she was in, i can't believe my eyes.
I just Can't lah.
If you we're to put in my shoes,Certainly you would feel hurt somehow right? :l
sigh.sigh.sigh. ):

Let it go riduan...sigh.
I miss you dear ):
i wonder if she misses me. :l
Probably she's playing Habbo Right now or smth. sigh.

anyways,i'll upload pictures ASAP.
Guess that's all ):