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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Sunday blues
Sunday, January 6, 2008 12:28 AM
I know I never blog that much lah,
well thanks dear for the posts and updates.


I thought I'd be quite free larh.
But actually not.
Stupid-fied me, I chose 9 subjects for my 'O's.
That includes Biology + Chemistry + Physics.
Stress lah, okeh.

Just studied not long ago.
Dear sms-ed me. He said he buying a new phone lol.
Exactly like mine. :D:D
The shaker phone, you'd call it.


Had lunch,
sibei full like siao.
Remembered yesterday's school sold de spaghetti.
Oh gross.
Simply gross okeh.
Cream of mushroom chicken for the sauce. -_-

Guess what?
I queued so long for that damn spaghetti.

I said,'' Urh, spaghetti. Tomato sauce. :D"
The retarded auntie said,''oh solly, no mur tomaetoh souze"

gross till I don't even want to edit/credit it okay.

Sian lah, dear not online.
Talking to myself.
Omg, I sounded like I'm behaving like darren. He self-talker.
Pro self-talker I meant, he can just sit alone and talk to himself as if..
Urh, nevermind.
Just so... weird.

Damn tired nowadays.
Was sicked, the whole week.
Fucking cheebye headache.
Had to suffer everyday lor.
SOmemore, now school timetable so toot one.
The earliest time for dismissal is 1.50pm.
Believe it? Earliest leh. Not inclusive of remedial class/etc hor.

guess I'll blog tmr lah.
Oh yeah, Happy birthday to me :D

It's just 2 days away~
Happy birthday girl, 15 year old le leh, Imelda.
Don't be so naive la, sigh.

And, I love you dear.

With love,