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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Utterly Disappointed in you.
Saturday, January 26, 2008 8:31 PM
I'm Disappointed in you.
For abusing The trust I have for you.

I'm just disappointed with you dear,nothing more.
I promise I won't leave you alright,dear?
Cause I can't bear to.

And,I just wanna Say,
I'm Grateful To have a Girlfriend Who's honest.
I'm just so ever grateful.

Sigh,Let's Just..Put the Past behind,shall we?
and promise me that You'll never anything like that Again,will you? ):
I Wouldn't Do anything To Jeopardise our Relationship,dear. I swear.

I just wanna say,
You're my Heart and soul,dear.
I Can't Imagine my life without you.
I can't. :'l
I need you.
I'm willing to spend my Time With you,Even If it's the Whole day.
I just want you,
That's all i'm asking for.

Guess i'll End My post here,
I love you,dear.

Take care ppl,
Riduan was here. <3.