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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Friday, January 4, 2008 4:05 AM
woot woot~ lol.
hmm,sry for not updating about yesterday.

Sigh,I'm not in the mood right now to blog lah.. :'l
sigh,yesterday,I was super happy to see dear lah TT.
get to see her laugh so crazily..in That wonderful way..
Get to see that smile I've been longing to see on her face..

Get to hear that sweet voice of hers );
Get to feel that love that's coming from her heart..
sigh,i feel like crying..in fact,I'm crying as i'm typing.

IMELDA- my cursed voodoo doll♥, says:
i'd rather you show more care lorr
DυиgεoиDυяian™/яiduaՊ;்;thick books ftl -.- says:
later u get too distracted wad :l
IMELDA- my cursed voodoo doll♥, says:
like ask me how's my day or sth.
IMELDA- my cursed voodoo doll♥, says:

Dear,I'm just so sorry that..I haven't been showing care and concern about you these days.
I just thought that..since we're already sec3...you won't have any time for me. )':
So I kinda, didn't want to Disturb you :'l
haiz,guess I got too caught up with that and didn't thought of how you felt.
I'm being ridiculously stupid. sigh,wtf lah.