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EL Composition; diagnostic test. [By:Imel]
Friday, February 1, 2008 4:16 AM
"Guess what? My mother made your favorite cookies today,''Mandy nudged me. "Want to come and try?"

I nodded eagerly. Food was what flooded in my mind. Pardon me, I was very big sized and often hated running. Physical Education was my worst subject and I always came up with lots of excuses to get away from the lessons. I love food, especially junk food. I can't live without them!

After school, Mandy and I walked home as usual. We were too lazy to climb the stairs although it was only three storeys to Mandy's house. Of course, we were busy chatting about the delicious food Mandy's mother made for us. I almost drooled. As we were walking nearer to the lift, I sensed something wrong. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a middle-aged man.

He was indeed scary.

With tattoos all around his arms, they were the size of my dining table. His long unkempt hair tangled in a mess. His facial features were blunt. He wore an eye patch and lit a cigarette. I beckoned Mandy to dart behind one of those walls. I stared at him closely. He seemed to be waiting for somebody. Upon holding back my screams, I saw a huge knife in his hand. Perspiration peppered my forehead. He resembled a gangster and he looked insane enough to kill somebody!

Just then, the lift door opened. An old lady hobbled slowly out of the lift. Her arms and wrists looked so frail that they might just break. She held a purse with her right hand and a walking stick on the other. Imagination flashed in my mind. Everything clicked. That man was planning to rob the old lady! I covered my mouth, I was too frightened to utter anything. My hands and legs turned jelly. Mandy looked as scared as I was.

Moments later were beyond my control. The man rushed to the old lady like lightning and held her hostage with his knife. "Don't hurt me,please! I'll give you anything, please don't hurt me!" she spoke in dialect and trembled vigorously The man let out a psychotic laugh and snatched her purse. He then pushed the old lady down. Within seconds, he was on his heels. I looked around, but there was nobody. That meant Mandy and I were the only witnesses!

"Are you alright?"Mandy rushed forward to the old lady who was groaning in pain and sobbing controllably. "You take care of her, while I take care of that man!" I said as courage filled my little heart. Without hesitation, I gave chase. I ran like never before, till colors blurred at the sides of my eyes. It was like running in a marathon. I huffed and puffed, and increased my speed. Then I saw that man in front of me. "Target approaching!"I mumbled."Get down, you heartless bully!" I kicked him twice, like what he did to the old lady. "You crook! That's what you deserve for bullying a senior citizen!"

At the moment, the baring of sirens was heard. Someone must have called the police. The policemen handcuffed him and led him away. Passers-by cheered and applauded me for my bravery. Mandy came running over. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and whispered,"Gosh, I didn't know you could run so fast! You could have won the 100metres dash, Jasmine! I've sent the old lady to the nearby hospital too." I blushed and winked.

A few days later, we were awarded a medal and a small amount of money for our bravery by the police. Alas, we were made heroes of the day!

"Yes! I can buy those Cadbury chocolates, cookies and sweets!" I skipped and shouted.

"Jasmine Tan! All that sugar and calories will slow you down in running!" Mandy teased.

"Hey hey, relax buddy." I laughed heartily."I haven't finished my sentence yet! I wanted to buy those sweets for the track and field members to share!" Well, guess what? Despite my size, I was made the captain for track and field! From that day on, I no longer hated running and physical education. Oh, can I just take back my curses about running? Afterall, I love running and of course, food!

The End! :D
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Composition By: Imelda. :D