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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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the future's...becoming disconserting.
Monday, February 25, 2008 7:18 AM
so yeah.
Hello readers of this blog.
Actually quite astonished that there are readers.
So I would like to thank you for reading (:

today was a typical school day.
Physics and Chemistry turned out to be quite easy.
Having affections for physics,I wanna take pure physics! D:
But oh well..Never mind.

After school Went to Library alone,to Study Emaths which is coming up,Tomorrow.
Matrices are A lil bit mind-boggling.
Indices are .... Simply...simplify the question they gave and making it naked.
coordinate geometry are Ok.
Studied A maths too.

And Afterwards,went to pick Baby up at her school.
I chionged there..as I had no time to train my stamina.
But when i reached there,i Feel Little bit remorseful :\
Baby had to pangseh may because of me.
TT.But She said may was fine with it..so yeah :\

went to some fishing Village or smth.
Talked about the future and stuffs that are way too melancholic.
Then Sent her home.
sigh,she got scolded by her mom,for coming home late.
TT. oh my god lah. TT.
sigh ):

true love does not only mean that you have to be in a relationship
Even..when Things are getting rough
and if we have to part..
i just want you to know that,
baby..I'm yours for you to keep.
labeled and belong to you.
It's my life..I love whoever I want,right?
So i wanna love you.
no matter what the cost are.

seems like i'm just talking..
But i'll show you...somehow.

happy 177th day,Paramour.
I love you<3.