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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008 12:55 AM
Okay..Another Typical
oh-so-boring day For Me! :D.
Yeah,This Obligates me to say That, Holidays are indeed Boring. -.-
Being idle Sucks lah.
Spent 3/4 Of The day,Well..Playing Games and 1/4 Studying.
Well,Nothing much Though,Dota-ed with Dungeons and Gunz-ed on my own. D:
During Gunz,Basically Pwning Sprayers ,Blur kias and Vice Versa(
i got sandwiched! >.>)

In the night, I Studied For Geog Test and I haven't Finished Studying Everything That is going to be Tested.
Online-ed And Gunz-ed (Again) Afterwards,Due To boredom.

Chatted with Dearest Till about half an hour past midnight
And Gunz-ed (another again) till about 1am.

Additional Maths Practises until 4.30am?
Gawd,My head Prolly Exploded x_x.
Rationalizing surds is somehow..difficult to comprehend..But I'll comprehend it,
if Potato,or maybe someone would Kindly Take Some of His/Her precious time And Explain it to me.
So no worries.
Went to sleep On the Sofa with Skittles and Quiggy Afterwards.

Woke Up around 10.45+
Astonishingly,I slept For 5-6 Hours And found myself Awake After that.
Immediately sms-ed my Good morning To Dearest,
And Went to switch on The comp(Typical weekend routine xP).
Heh,Online-ed And Chatted With potato and Farhan.
Dota-ed And After that,chatted.
It was A 30 minutes(or more), Worth of Hilarious Things Related to sex.

"What Sex positions do you guys like?" I asked,since there was silence in the chatroom xP.
"Doggy" Farhan replied.
"Helicopter" Soo Replied.
Before Potato could say anything,We all Burst out of laughter.

After that,We Began Dicussing How Does Soo's Newly Invented sex position,the Helicopter,works.

Then We Kinda "bastard" soo.
Saying he Had Sex with Someone Or smth with That Sex postion,something like that, LOL.
Lmao,Laughed too much till so much Phlegm Had to be spitted out of my mouth.

At the Same,I Was having A tiff With Dearest too.
But We're okay After that.
Thanks for cheering me up (:
Watched Harry potter and The Goblet of fire(
Tertingallan Zaman,I know -.-)
but it was on HBO what! :P
Ate Loads of snacks and Drank soft drinks.
Prolly i'm Fattened already leh! D:

Afterwards,Went online.
chatted with Farn and Soo only.
Potato had Some Guest at his house For CNY . (
Psst. He's Probably Kissing Michelle lor! LOL :P)
A few Minutes later,Farn had to go.
So i chatted with soo.

яiduaՊ;்;dire Consequences. says:
яiduaՊ;்;dire Consequences. says:
яiduaՊ;்;dire Consequences. says:
wad you doing?
яiduaՊ;்;dire Consequences. says:
:[ѕΘΘѕĦι вθџ™:[~ ŜØØ™ ~ DungeonPapaya is learning how to talk as he says:
яiduaՊ;்;dire Consequences. says:
:[ѕΘΘѕĦι вθџ™:[~ ŜØØ™ ~ DungeonPapaya is learning how to talk as he says:

And Thus,I'm now..have been Typing This Post for about half an hour.
And i'm ending it here!