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a love dedicate to,Imelda♥
Thursday, February 28, 2008 3:53 AM
time tuh blog (:
This post is dedicated to
my dearest,most sweetest,most lovable,most Chio-est and the Girl of my dreams.

imelda teo jia le.

First and foremost,
Happy 180th day of this miraculous,most sweetest relationship,baby!(:
Although this might be early and you might not have the time to read it. ):

Baby,its our 180 days together.
I wonder how much more have I loved you from time to time,
How much i miss you when You're not around,
How much it sucks when we quarrel,
How much better have I gotten to know you.

*reminisce about that incident in habbo..*
thinking about that incident just...I don't know what to say lar.
Tears roll down my cheek.
It's like,a knife trying to pierce through my heart,you know?
A pain which is very deep.
I sometimes can't forgive myself when you...
and I too, occasionally ask myself why do i love you so much?
especially when we quarrel,You use his name as a bait,to get me jealous.
But It hurts,it fucking hurts.
you don't know how much it hurts,you just won't.)':
Although I rarely show it,you just won't know.
because i wanna suffer in silence,
and just want you to be happy.
that's all.

baby,will you do something like that again?
I can't stop pondering about that ever since.
I know it's a long time ago.
but I am worried,
that I might lose you one day.
I don't know.
I'm just sad talking about this, but I can't run away from it too right?

Countless sighs i've let out writing that.
Cause i just can't bear to let you go
Cause i love you so,and i know it's you.
you were the one i'm looking for.
Despite our differences,i just know it. :'l
I finally knew what does love feels like.
It's all because of you.
The first girl i've hugged
The first girl that i have ever Kissed.
I just want you to know that..I'm in love with you,
Just you.
Baby,Promise me,you'll not ever fall for another except me, will you?
Even when we are apart,someday.
who knows?
I know I wont,
Happy 6th month anniversary anyway.
will there be Endless romance and devotion between us? ):
i hope so.

My heart's grieving,so much,
After writing that.

Now we're having a tiff.
when will she stop mentioning his name?
i wonder.
She just said something extremely hurtful.
I'm...sorry for the moody post.
I'm wondering why..
when dear says something,
Her opinions are all that matters.
Like when i said i wanted to quit ncc.
cause i can't be fucked to go for it already.
But she insisted me to go.
She keeps insisting me a few times.
Suddenly i feel compromised,
although it might not last that long
but I wonder, why?

why do I feel compromised,
when you have your say,
even when I'm stuck in my deepest conscience?

R♥'s I
but does
I♥'s R?