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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Randomness 2.
Saturday, February 16, 2008 12:24 AM
*Grossed and rolls eyes*
*Laughs maniacally*
Eww. Hahahaa!


I was looking at twits-act cute/cool-wannabes at friendster.
Can you believe it?
They posted 200 plus(some were more, okay) photos of their unsightly photos which they deemed were 'beautiful' and cute, for some.

200 plus leh, people.
I know what they're doing everyday.
Snapping and snapping photos of themselves, trying to see if they have achieved 'acting cool or cute' in their pictures and posting them on friendster.
Are you attracting people to stare at your 'beautiful' faces and laugh their heads off?
Supposedly a 'yes' to me. :D

The 'not-so-cute/cool' ones?
Funny, these people(who are seriously THICK-SKINNED) also posted them up sia.

You wanna know how they take their pictures?
By snapping non stop with their cameras and posing weird actions.
Examples? With twists and acting emo.

Zilian until like that sia, wahlaooooos!
Seriously, you don't have to show people thousand and one of your photos.
Who can stand it sia?
I had a great time laughing my ass off, people.

Typical m'sian people are like that.
Oh puh-lease. I've no comments on them.
Just too bhb already lah, 'lengluis and lengzais'. -.-

Just a quote for you guys, " Happy camwhoring!"


Dear made me a card for V-day laaaaa.
So sweeeeet, :DDDDDD
Spent the whole afternoon with him at PasirRis park. :D

Saw Daniel Boey with Charmaine.
I acted sia.
Well, to change subject lorrrr.
They holding hands. ROFL. :)

I missing you, baby. :(


Fucking maths test.
I think I gonna fail siaaaaaaaa.
Simultaneous equationssss argh. Damn difficult. :(
Someone please give me maths tuition siaaaaaaa.


Okay, off to study maths.
Cya people!


I miss bendan Riduan larrrr.
&IMEL woz' here. :D