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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Stupid shit. :D
Sunday, February 17, 2008 1:16 AM
I'm Here to Update Na po~ :D
Okays,Stop It with the Filipino Accent -.-'' .
Hmm,Let Me Blog About An Interesting But Pointless Conversation I had with Martin. :D.
Okay..we Were Happily Chatting and then..This Is how It Initiated.

[10:53:39 PM] . Fay† ⿟: eh fucker
[10:53:43 PM] . Fay† ⿟: tml wan go cine?
[10:54:22 PM] яiduaՊ;்;Ich: ?
[10:54:27 PM] яiduaՊ;்;Ich: cine?
[10:54:37 PM] . Fay† ⿟: cineleisure
[10:54:46 PM] яiduaՊ;்;Ich: where's that
[10:54:49 PM] . Fay† ⿟: i go register for the cabal thingy
[10:54:55 PM] яiduaՊ;்;Ich: har
[10:54:56 PM] . Fay† ⿟: erm
[10:54:57 PM] яiduaՊ;்;Ich: o.0 [
10:55:03 PM] . Fay† ⿟: take mrt
[10:55:10 PM] . Fay† ⿟: u wan come ma?
[10:55:27 PM] яiduaՊ;்;Ich: nah
[10:56:36 PM] . Fay† ⿟: fucker
[10:56:37 PM] . Fay† ⿟: i rmb
[10:56:39 PM] . Fay† ⿟: u die .

The reason Why I rejected His Invitation Was..I didnt Know What was"Cabal"In the First Place.
Second I Was Booked Anyway.

But You Can At Least explain It to me ,right?

That's how it Started..Then It Progressed to Man U Vs Arsenal.
Then I Insulted His oh-so-favorite Team,Liverpool..
And He Got Very Agitated About That And Started Comparing Me With Him.
How Stupid,idiotic And hilarious.
I mean Come on,Face it.
Liverpool's in fifth,With One game In hand While Arsenal Is in First.
I'm Rooting for arsenal,Btw.
What More Can I say From An Arsenal Fan's Point of View?
They Suck for this season,that's all :P.
oh And it's Not An Insult,Just stating A Fact.

Another thing,I'm not A coward To Report this to dear and Whine it to her.
If you want reconciliation,Then let's do it Fair and Square.

So it's Kindly appreciated that you Don't Try to change The Subject,fat ass. (:
Cause That's what You always Do.
I hope you get"Out of point" remark During Any Compositions.

yeah,We Argued Like There's No Filter to Our Grammar.
Mainly On Me.
repeating and repeating how Weak I was.
I don't...Listen to Recycled Fact..very Much...to be honest.

Then Afterwards,we Decided this.
2) 2.4 Running
4)arm Wrestle

Majority of the challenges were Decided by Him, How Prejudice Of him -.-
but Nevertheless..I shall not whine.

The Debate's Topic Is Against My Ideology Though..

[11:39:34 PM] яiduaՊ;்;Ich: u gimme topic
[11:39:38 PM] яiduaՊ;்;Ich: to debate on
[11:39:58 PM] . Fay† ⿟: why u should not have a girl friend at a age of 15.

Hmm...I've gotta start Gathering Info And Stuffs.
Eventhough I have A Gf.. So yeah.. :/
But there's At least...Asking People's Opinion..
So..Good Luck to me? ._.
Guess So.


Ps.I'll Update About Today Asap. :S

riduan was here.