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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Monday, February 4, 2008 6:15 AM
Sup readers..
I'm still wondering If I'm talking to air.
lol,Sarcastic -.-
But i do Hope There's readers reading this blog.
Anyways,I'm Here To update!

Okays,First and Foremost,sorry for not Updating about The weekends.
I'll Just Randomly summarise,
Dear Went Shopping On Both saturday and sunday
She Bought Loads Of stuffs.This,i can Guaruntee you (:
Slacked At home for both days,
study..gunZ and Dota-ed with dungeons!

Okays,Let's move on..Today!
Hmm,Had Geog,mother tounge,social studies,maths,english And PCCG.


Typical Lesson.
Studied about rivers..
Gonna have test after CNY.
bitch TT.

Mother tongue
hmm,I didn't slack During This Period.
Despite the Fact that The Teacher's an amateur in Teaching malay TT.
I did my work leh! :P

Social studies.
Sources,sources,sources and more Sources.
Blah X_X.

Great news, i got full marks for indices Test!
siao Cha bor liao wo >.>

English and Pccg
Hmm,nothing much to say about this Period.

okay,Immediately after school,slacked at caltex for a while
And Then Left With Martin.
Martin Went off the bus first and I made my way to dear's School To fetch her.
Waited for her at the Red gate bus stop there,LOL.
Now i know Why is it called Hell gate. LMAO.
Dear Finally Arrived And We walked and talked.
Sat down And Slacked with Her For a few hours.
mhmmm~,Her hugs And Kisses are love ><.
Walked Dear To her House.
Alamak,scary leh when sitting at her Void deck.
:S,Then It was Time For her To go up.
)))))); ,Parting is sucha sweet Sorrow.
sigh ):
walked back to the mrt and Went straight back home And Gunz-ed with Taufik For a while.

sigh TT.
I miss Dear lahhh TT.
Common test Are just lingering Around the Corner,Aw fuck.
Good Luck For them And Study Hard (:

and And,last but not least, I love you,baby! :D

With love,

Ps,The camp "behind the scene" post Shall not be Posted ):
I hate Summarising la >.>
Sorry )):