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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008 3:20 AM
I'm here To post,Again. o.o''
Yeah.Due to Dear's Boisterous schedule,She Doesn't Have Time to Blog Or Even Go online.
Sucks man. D':

Sigh,as I was Saying..
Valentine's Day is Just Around The Corner!
I'm Feeling very Blithesome.because,I get to Spend The Day with Dearest :D.
Hehe ><.

Okay,So I didn't Blog About Yesterday.
I Shan't Say That,All I know That,
Malay Teacher Gave Us A Lecture
Which All Those Lazy Ass Didn't Payed Attention.
We Have Two Teachers,One's Called Old and The other is,Young.
The "young" teacher,Gave us the Lecture by the way.

What Makes me Damn Annoyed is that,
We're Like..In the Last Class of the Malay Class,And Yet..We Got A Teacher..
Which Is pathetic,i Emphasize On The word Pathetic.
The young One's So-so.
But the Old One Is just..Terrible.
I got Back My Malay paper result,
I Got a 13/50.
How cool is that? =.=

'cher in charge,Give us A New 'cher Can anot? :l
I can't take it..
Your Assingment Of Teachers Just suck.
People Talk talk Like They Don't Care,
Those Who Wanna Study,Obviously Cannot Study.
How Inconsiderate,Bitches. _l_

And We had Speech Day Rehearsal.
I Purposely Reported Sick Cause I was..Plain lazy to march.
Slacked Around the School With Taufik(the other one),not The one who's My gay Partner. :X
Azee Tagged With us Till 5.30 and left, ):

And There's Something Really Hilarious That Happened To Taufik's Class,3h.
Feroz Fabricated The Truth About Throwing Those Newspapers in Class.
Rofl,And He Pushed The blame to Taufik.
Taufik and Azee had To Clean up the Class.
Seriously Funny,I was In the Class,Literally Laughing.
Listening To What Taufik and azee Had to say About Feroz.

But sigh.Somehow.. I still feel lonely.
Cause..cause TT.
But I get To talk to dear in the night leh! ><
It takes Just One i Love you from her To make my Heart Melt,completely. ><.
She's Just..the Sweetest. (:
I love her i love her i love her i love her i love her i love her!!! xP.
heh ><.

And About today..
Had maths Indices test,A Second one.
Fucking Cheem Towards The Last Part of the Test.

:/,Full marks Again...
Go To hell.

I'm Just Exacerbated Today.
I don't Wish To post About today.