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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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bham!,a day of Moodswings.
Friday, March 14, 2008 6:19 AM
Here's how my day went..

Mood swings, but was eventually happy at the end.

Yeah,Quarreled with baby )':
We were at Burger king,
Then she was talking with may..
Laughing at those guys who were sitting opposite us,I think..
So I ignored her..and listened to music.
Dear got really incensed and upset
Until the extent that she decided to go home.
Thus,I have to convince her and come back )':
It's very depressing when we're having a tiff luh..

And so,I followed her..
We stopped at a void deck,
I said My apologies ,over and over again to her):
I tried to convince her to come back,
Eventually, she decided to come back
But we were still upset..
So I tried to cheer her up in anyway I could.
When we were in Burger king,She went emo luh D:
I tried to everything I've got,but She still wasn't satisfied.

So I drowned myself in sorrow,
reflecting on how I acted..
Very dampening to dear indeed,
Sigh,I'm utterly Sorry from the bottom of my heart,okay?
I just don't know what has gotten into me.

Afterwards Dear cheered up,and decided to go to popular to buy her stationeries
But I was Still drowning myself in sorrow,though.
She tried to cheer me up while I tried to wipe all her insecurities away.
So yeah,we finally reconciled.

Went window shopping
Too many..girl clothes, oh my god.
One whole storey.
waaa x_x.
I was...a little bit lethargic.
I mean come on,
Which guy would be enthusiastic when all they see is girls stuff and not their native men stuffs?:P
Anyway,Helped dear with picking clothes.
Aww,she looked cute and pretty in all those clothes :X

Afterwards,Went to Burger king again and then walked dear home.
Haha,she wanted to make a jelly for me! ><
So we went to the "red-man" shop and Dear bought all the stuffs that are obligated.
I shall eat Dear's jelly!,heh :D.
Then walk her home lor ):
sigh TT.
Can't wait to try her jelly :P.

Went back home,

This reminds me something
Before I went out
Dad looks Depressed.
Fucking depressed.
Damn :/
He has to bring my step mom and Step sis to malaysia.
Just to get approval of staying here or something like that.
Well,fuck you Immigration.


happy 196th <3.
I love you dear (: