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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008 6:17 AM

"collaborations with The art of photography and Photo shopping"
dedicated to those underlings that have been talking behind my back :D.

Bleah,Gonna talk about my utterly contented day.
A maths lesson was easy to comprehend despite the fact that we were having 4 periods of it.
Alpha and beta..
*Find sum of root and product of root*
x^2-(sum of root)+(product of root)= 0
*sub in,form equation,done*
Then we learnt the discrimant and nature of roots? lol.
And Aizat must be a retard for wanting to drop A maths.
Indeed He is.

I got 19/30 for E maths Trigonometry test.
And if Faliq were to fail the retest,
My pokki supplier during class,Izhar..
Is gonna be beside syafiq zain.
NO,THIS IS very PREJUDICE of Miss Ng LOR!!! T_T.
Can't share jokes...
No exclusive amount of Pokki.

Oh and during recess,
Johan came and confronted me.
futile futile futile lar.
And you guys are dogs...
You guys are ignorant and
Obnoxious bastards.
Talk face to face lar hor,
Talking behind my back is just making me smoldered and tempted to find problems.
You wanna find some problem with me?,Find me.
Ain't that just the exquisite solution? pfft.
I'll get physical if obligated .hehe (:

After school..
Made my way back home,to eat and stuffs.
then went for taekwondo training.
Damn those pooms, T_T.
Their Gee was an Adidas brand.
Branded,totally cool.

Then then...I..I...miss...baby....so...much..... T_T.
Haven't been talking to her that much lor.
because of studies.
I'm lonely lor.
No one to pei me.
sigh,nvm )':
I just hope she misses me as much as I'm missing her.
I hope. :/