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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008 7:47 AM
Okay..I'm Currently doing a personal reflections.
"Have I been a good boyfriend?"

Well,that reflection pretty much revolves around that question.
I mean, a good boyfriend can mean like..
Is he sweet?
Does he gives you surprises?
Does he wipes all your insecurities?
Did he show you love,care and concern?
Did he do this? ,Did he do that?
etc etc etc.

well,I don't think I've met those criteria yet.
I think that I am being sour rather than sweet.
I think I'm just a bore
I think I'm useless in this.
I think I'm recycler, using the same words over and over again,like when you're sad.
I think I have no sense of innovativeness
I think I'll Get f9 for this if there was a grading.
I think I'm Pathetic
I think I'm Bad cause I don't give surprises.

Summary of all these: I must be the biggest disgrace.

Well, everybody has their problems,it's just a matter of how you solve them.
-guess i'll solve my problem,on my own that is.

Whatever you've read,Just keep it to yourself.
It's a personal conflict I have to reconcile with myself.

It's definitely not a floccinaucinihilipilification(it means rare,putting it for the sake of Fun.)thing
to feel some
animosity towards yourself.
Contritions, because I didn't gave my all.

Okay,I'll end here and move on to what had occurred today.

Well..today,Dear was suppose to go out with only M.Y.
Only both of them.
Dear asked me to tag along :/

I am the redundant one.
I'm not saying that I didn't want to want to tag along lah,but sigh TT.
But,I just wanted fulfill dear's Wishes.. :/
Because I want. ):
sigh,Stucked in the middle.
I have to consider M.Y's feelings and Dear's feeling, simultaneously.
bloody hell(*speaks in Ron Weasly's tone)
And the results of the outing was..bored?
I shouldn't have come.
but At the same time,I should have came.

Rawr >.>
This is getting mind-boggling already.
Bleh,don't talk about it already.

Watched 10,000 B.C
The movie was somehow the way I inferred from the Poster.
But the storyline is a little...Connecting from Ancient civilization to Egypt? :S
That's how I concluded after watching the movie.
I'd give 3/5 though,aw.

guess I'm done for now!
At least,I'm utterly contented cause I get to see my baby!
And show her my affections for her,if you know what I mean. :X

anyways,happy 194th! :DDDD.
byebye~,tomorrow taekwondo, x_x.