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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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here's the update i promised :D,fresh from the oven!
Monday, March 10, 2008 3:56 AM
Just got back from going out with Dearest~ :D.

Here's how my day commenced.
Oh,What a "Copacetic" 5 hours of sleep I had,thanks.
I was inflicted with a flu thanks to the phone call..text messages.
Despite the face that I've made my statement to quite clearly to Bernard,
He still text-ed me saying,"whr you?".
oh god -.-
And zul called me like 3 times
but I didn't pick up the phone,cause I didn't hear it.

Even though I had a flu,
I desperately need to see dear ):
Went to eastpoint to Find my maths TYS.
But none,fuck.
We took the mrt to Raffles place,Bugis...
Her Hugs and kisses = ♥.
><. once again,Pardon my laziness for not editing the pictures

My outfit.

Camwhored at raffles place.
not much.
I think dear took more.
hey,I'm tired okeh! ):
so I wasn't that enthusiastic to take pictures x_x.
After raffles place,We went to Bugis to meet dear's junior.
then we went to eat at Pastamania.
the cheese was damn sticky.
rofl,went to library,did my chem homework only. :X
Afterwards,train-ed to simei and send dear back home.
camwhor-ed in the lift.
Dear has the photos.
Go to her blog to see! :D
Made my way back home and tada..
i'm here blogging.
I'll end today's update here.
here are some pictures taken when I was at the time of "hardship"and Yesterday.
last day of sch,elective module..Build a bear factory..many more..? -.-

Notice the computer screen,Darren drew,"die!@!@!" or smth like that.
in the process of making my very own pacman game ._.

Andi,Dion and Wei kiat helping to put Classmate's textbooks on top there,last day of sch :X
Bernard and Wei eang playing reversi!

Random,They're playing uno.
Build a bear factory,the triceratops looks cool :D

last but not least,

My grandmother/nanny! :D
aww,she looks cute :S.

k lah.that's all for now,people.

Ps:Gonna go jam with farn at his house after taekwondo! YAY:D
so look out for the next update.