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Tuesday, March 18, 2008 7:05 AM
And so..time to blogging about today.
I'm currently sick and tired.
fucking sick and tired of people asking me to come NCC back,
waiting for me to come back so that they'll sew their rank,
"don't want to pangseh me" in other words.

fuck you all.
Leave me alone,for goodness sake.
I'am utterly exacerbated.
I swear that I'm having this auto-aim-your head kick enthusiasm.

Lai la hor.

And one more thing,
"Asal kau tak lepak ngan taufik dorang sumer"asked Aizat bewilderedly.
it means why you never hang out with taufik they all already.
Chibai la hor,
Don't make me ponder over that fucking question already lah.
I Don't feel any sense of belonging utterly, anymore.
It's my own prerogative on who I want make new Acquaintances with.

Fuck it all lah
wu qi kaka lai lar.

sigh..I wanna die can?
Cause everything I do seems to be wrong.
Chibai la.

I emo out of my own prerogative,
I don't feel like socializing with people except for some
I don't fucking care what you guys think of me now
Because I take my life on my own course

Just fucking keep what you saw on the above.
You're being redundant if you're trying to help.
Thank you very much.