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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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my mind's being innovative? :X
Thursday, March 20, 2008 11:20 PM
I unknowingly took this picture that I wrote on my geog textbook very long ago,
few months back.
I still had it in my phone,
It was a chemical equation luh ><
" Riduan + Imelda → ♥."
Then all of a sudden,
I had this motivated feeling to write a story or something? :S.
The enthusiasm started when I was on my way home after sending dear home,yesterday. (:

So if there's any Mistake,pardon them.

This might make me score well for chemistry test next week too,I hope :P
It's about chemical bonding though.
I know it's a little bit absurd,if you learn more than that already.

but oh well.
here it goes,

We started out at as individual atoms of an elements on the periodic table.
Separated by the zig-zag line between metals and non-metals.
With You being the metal and me being the non-metal.
After many reactions,over and over again.
We still ended up being a plain and pure element.
Maybe due to the low volatility and solubility.

We spent time searching for the right one.
After countless hours,minutes and seconds of searching,
The answer finally came, on 310807,at precisely 6pm.
An ionic bond called "love" brought us both together.

Maybe after a month of giving and taking in some electrons.
We finally react.
All the love we formed in the giant lattice structure these past few months,
They shall never be obliterated from my heart.
I swear it.

The hours that we spent together,
The kisses we had,
The embraces,
and You.

I miss them everything they're gone.
I keep coming back for more,because I just can't get enough of it
I feel lonely whenever you aren't around.

But pictures and memories we had together,appears in my mind.
It never fails to make me moved.
Reassuring me that I'll always have you here,in my heart.

I'm really proud and happy to have found a girl like you.
Such caring,loving,sweet and kind..everything.
I love you,baby.

this is dedicated to dear only (:

Dear,I hope you like it
Although it's a little weird :S
But this is how I express my love for you,okay? ><.
Muacks,I love you so,my dear. (':