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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Friday, March 28, 2008 1:27 AM
"nothing more,nothing less,I'm finally seeing you today (':"

Today,was a half day for us,springfielders.
Because of the so called "big and highly anticipated" event also known as,Speech day
is gonna happened Tomorrow.
Me and Jin hui accompanied Bennicker to settle some calligraphy conflict. -_-
Mdm Zubaidah asked Bennicker to buy a new tray to contain the Fucking smelly ink,
but the solution was to Super-glue the bro
ken part of the tray.

Sad that Bennicker had to waste time finding a replacement yesterday,
When super glue would do the job. aw

Boarded 15 and went home.
Lethargic to follow what I've plan to do,
Thus,I went curling in my bed for 3 hours while hugging skittles.
><. That's all for today.

Here's some pictures from yesterday's A maths lesson,and other random stuffs.

Teacher was confronting aizat -_-,But it was futile.

Azhar in the foreground Fahmy,Andi and Izhar in the background.

"yes ah!,A maths in aircon room!"

Shit,We're stranded outside class. waste time,yay :D

Bernard at the far left and Jin hui beside him Spastic siol! :P

Bennicker eating,candid laa~ rofl.

he was trying to dodge the cam.

Took the liberty and leisure to take a picture from outside PV.
i miss mdm ain and cikgu zaleha! ):

yoosh,time wrap things up and meet dear! :D