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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Monday, March 24, 2008 8:05 AM
"stapled shut,Inside an outside world"

Riduan shall throw up all the bottled up feelings and miscellaneous stuffs here.
So no blog about my day or whatsoever,for now (:

starting with this.
Hearing songs relating to relationships,
Just makes me feel compromised.
But after a while,It becomes more and more absurd.
I swear it.
I have no fucking idea what's wrong with me.
Maybe I'm getting more and more emotional.
Whatever la.haiz.

Let's take the lyrics "with you" by Chris brown as an exquisite example.
"If I got You,I don't need money,I don't need cars..",
JUST that particular line.
I'm having this flabbergasted weird feeling that it's Bullshit but sweet,Simultaneously.

Okay,some of you might got enthusiastic to find me and "kill" me for saying Bullshit.
Consider my situation first la D:
Because all these while,baby's the one giving me gifts,etc,etc.
I feel extremely blissful when she gives me gift,I swear it.
But I just want to give her something..
exquisite,nice and anything that can make her heart contented.
But I have flies in my wallet.
See what I mean? :/
I'm a big money spender,with 20$ as my weekly allowance
How fortunate Riduan is.

And Yesterday,During a phone call with dear arh..
I fucking swear that I was fuckingly envious of G.
How he used to treat dear,sigh.
Sigh,I Don't know whether I should feel sad..or Whatever la.
I don't know. I don't know. I don't Fucking know what or how to react.

It's like..
I'm falling down,very hard.
My heart just keep eradicating whenever I reminisce this.

I love my baby a lot,okay?
But I wonder, have dear ever wondered that I don't care about her?
Does she?
If she is wondering,or wondered about it.. :/

Where's my baby when I need her sympathy the most?
Where is she?
I need you,so badly.