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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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A sunny side-up sunday!
Sunday, March 2, 2008 6:30 AM
Dear,whoever who reads this blog (:
Today was a blast!
Met dear,yay!
I'm Very blithe today, to be very honest ><.
Been looking forward for today lahh,
Because Yesterday we couldn't go out as dear had her bed suite coming in.
hmm..We went to the library.
Bought my weekly dose of Sunday-Times Newspaper.
Read the Headlines.
Was Flabbergasted by how the Terrorist guy escaped though.
He wanted to go toilet..the Guy Gave him Permission,He escaped in a blink of an eye.

Okay,I shall not elaborate about that any further -.-
Afterwards,We went to Jack's place to eat.. ._.

Dear's Kind enough to Spend me as my wallet was filled houseflies instead of Money.): Dear,thank you,once again. :P

Yeah Cam-whored,played a fool. Kinda fun (:

Here are the pictures I took. paiseh for not editing.Pardon my laziness :P.

Dear eating Garlic bread!
Banana Split,mhmmm~.

dear is...shy? :S
Awww,dear looks cute ><.

looked away again,lol.
Garlic bread,ate all of them..well...3/4 of them.

My dish
dear's dish.

feeding me? O:

Lol,not many pictures Taken
but doesn't a picture tells a thousand words?
Spent the whole afternoon with dear~
I feel Blessed and On top of the world.
That is all I can say (:

Accompanied dear to her block and arrived home at 5.30 pm.
By then,i miss her hugs and kisses very much already ):
Had a flu and fever before I bathed. :/
Then Studied Chemistry.
Meh,since when did a pai kia looking guy studies? :P

And dota-ed with Dungeons.
Papaya's Reaction is very Hilarious.

Afterwards,Talked to dear on the phone for a while.
And thus,blogging rite now.
I'm done for today!
bye readers (:

fuck ,There's A maths Lesson tomorrow! D:
yay or noooo? TT.