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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Very..ma-fan leh D:
Monday, March 17, 2008 4:45 AM
Today was not how I anticipated it to be,
Well,at least during school curriculum time.
Overslept due to thinking of dear too much. hehe,:x.
Many people and my NCC teachers are questioning me.
I got caught for the long hair I retained during my holiday :x

Let's talk about the hair issue first.
Well,i got caught.
What ms.Tan said was..hilariously idiotic,
"cut one side of your hair as a token"?.. or something like that

Next,talk about questioning thing.
I didn't know I was expected to come to that spec-course thing.
I didn't know some wanted me to go.
thus,causing me to feel "Oh-so-surprised".

Oh,here's a conversation I had with 'cher when he called me out.
"riduan,why when I called your house phone,i couldn't get through?"
*shows me the list*
"oh 'cher,my house number starts with 6583...not 6582"
okay, afterwards..he asked me
"If you have another chance to go to spec course,would you like to go?"
i said no,without hesitation.
it left him speechless and he went down to his seat and sat there.

oh btw,it all occured when we were having assembly today. (:

After assembly,there was Elective module luh.
But I deliberately skipped,I had to meet dear no matter what )":
Waited for dear at the bus stop beside her school
After a "few" minutes,she finally came out with jiawen and May.
Yay! ;D
awww ><.
We had to restrict and behave ourselves,
because Dear still has this phobia of getting caught again ):
well,it's better to safe than sorry,anyways.

bought bubbletea and helped May with her conflict with her boyfriend.
Not gonna point fingers or anything here. okay,good.-.-''.

Then While in the bus,that Jiawen always anticipated us to kiss whenever dear got close to me. but we didn't :P.
But we did in front of her lor!,
before and after we boarded the bus,that is.. :P.

And, no wonder she's crazy about boarding a bus luh,It was her first time :S
lol,if you're somehow reading this,congratulations :D. haha.

then waited for bus 9 bleh, we anticipated for the double decker to arrive but it didn't.
): So,we had no other options left..

Afterwards,walked dear home. ><
then walk to mrt station, to home and now here blogging about today.

Happy happy happy happy 199th day,baby.

i fucking love you so x333. hehs.

Sayonara,minna.. arigatou gozai masu. (or whatever you pronounce it lar >.>)

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the most fortunate thing that could ever happen,
Jane's Computer broke down upon visiting my website.