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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008 11:46 PM
Time to blog about yesterday~ :D.
And pictures of sports day and trip to cineleisure as well. (:

Yesterday,Baby and I went out.
Didn't go out on Friday cause she can't make it ):
The weather was pretty warm though,
What makes it even more fucking warm is,
I'm wearing a black T-shirt. TT.
Saw NCC seniors at Simei MRT station,
"collecting" donations..
They were lethargically sitting on the steps playing PSP lor >.>
Waited for baby for a few minutes.
Perspired x_x.

Then baby arrived and we went to the platform.
Went to Orchard,Wisma atria? :S
Lol,went to topman.
The tops are fuckingly gorgeous >.>
Which makes me very tempted to buy
Only to be halt by the price.
73 bucks.

Bleh.Not gonna upload any pictures at there as they were spastic-ally taken.

Then went topshop.
then yoshinoya or the sony place
or the other way round.

At yoshinoya.

And i don't care whether baby disapprove me of uploading pictures of her :P
Cause she looks hot okeh! >:P.

At the sony place
baby was playing guitar hero on ps3.
that ps3 looks tempting to buy TT.

Ahhhh~ TT.
Wahlao ):
Fucking tempting laaaaaaa )':

We still had some time to spare.
So we went to vivo.
Quarreled with baby a few times :/
But we're okay after that.
We laughed Like crazy at there.

Kiss-siao. After kissing I made a spastic face.
I want beyounce~. The beyounce part was like mumbling "to be yours".
Then while kissing can fall down? LOL.

Then there was a family celebrating their Daughter's birthday.
Then dear unknowing asked me a question.
"Do you have birthday cakes for your birthday?"
"Yeah,It's either Birthday cake or Birthday presents for me"
*i started to feel a little bit emo while hugging her from behind*

Then dear said She'll definitely make me a birthday cake.
I cried silently from behind.
Yes,It touched the shit out of me, okay? ):
I wiped the tears as fast as I could before baby could turn back luh. :\

So yeah...Went home..
Chatted with dear on msn.
Nothing to chat about.
Then farhan was emo-ing because of gf :\
But they reconciled already,yay.

K,that's all.
bye! and remember to tag :D

here are the pictures

Angmohs Playing CS
Some guy playing guitar hero on XBOX 360,FUCK! T_T. IWANT! TT.
Some Japanese ppl playing Team fotress.
Junwei,putting his leg on the chair hoping to kick someone's head. Lol.
And Wei eang's bag.
Cute sia,wearing the class tee and school tie.

Sports day

Military band was near Spectecular
Dion and wei kiat Kanchiong to Get the medal for 8x100.

Guess my debts are fully paid :P

I wanna dedicate this song to baby~ :D

Your love is the best Feeling.
You made me found happiness.
I love you,dear. (: