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Tuesday, April 29, 2008 11:58 PM
"Exams,I hereby declare you to commence"

Today's exam venue was rather ironic than before.
It's like we are taking the national exams.
omg,yes.It took place at the hall.

English paper.
Don't know lah.
In the middle of unsure and sure.
Was trying to heed's Beebee's advice,
Eventually,I decided that I should go with the exposition compositions because
We've been doing expositions since 2-4 weeks ago? -.-
So I'm rather confident.
But while doing the composition,something got me distracted.
Suddenly I miss beebee lor >.>
Then I nearly got carried away.

here's how.
*write write*
*All of a sudden,thinks of bee*
*writes a sentence unrelated to the compo*

fuck >.>
I think I miss bee so much lah T_T.

Then while recess.
There's this one retard that came and say this to me.
"wah,Don't care me already arh?"

wtf,so what,simi daichi?
I have my own prerogative to look and take a glimpse of you and walk away.
In addition,I didn't asked you to nudge me.
so why the fuck should I care?

So I talked with ching kai for a moment.
He got a new.. ._.
*clap hand*
haha,Gratz :D.

Then we made our way to the hall.
Paper 2 it was.
Feeling rather sleepy and sluggish.
I scrutinized and skimmed the passage thoroughly
and answer the questions with precision though.
But I think my overall is just an average?
I don't know.

Slept towards the end of the paper.
super bleary lah,._.
Anyway,Thought of studying but Andi went to watch Ironman >.>
Masa peperiksaan tetapi boleh mencari masa untuk menonton Ironman di wayang.
Wtf,I wrote in malay.
Phat,if you're reading,correct my mistakes!

so went home instead.
and now blogging.
hah,I miss bee.


"inside my shell,I'll wait and bleed"