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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Monday, April 21, 2008 6:19 AM
"Grant my one and only wish,baby".

Today was quite and ordinary,very enervating,monotonous day for me.
I slept in class right after I finished being committed to studying chemistry,
next period was geography,which everyone abhorred that subject so much.
But we had to take an MCQ test,to push our CA marks.
Scored 8/10,
made one careless mistake,could have gotten 9! ):

Then it was Emaths.
Had a mock test,
I Fucking forgotten Coordinate geometry's formulas!
Perhaps I am gonna fail paper 1,shit.

Then it was mother tongue.
After mother tongue,that dumbfounded oh so fucking ugly teacher that is totally detested by me,
Spoke about what I said in the oral to her class,
Hope your whole family goes to hell,
Your face could be defined as, dog shit that just had be rammed down by one truck.
Hoping that your Father,mother,sister,brother and husband(which ever applicable),
utterly doesn't recognize your face of abhorrence,stupidity and undeniably the stupidest sarcastic expression.

Got pushed around for a while,but I didn't care.
Did assignment in class for english,fucking randomly threw words on the paper
when I was about to end the composition as I was Fucking lethargic to write anything.

school ended.
Went to study programme for E maths.
did paper 2,finished excluding those sophisticated quadratic equation questions.

time to look on the bright side now,
Went to meet dear,
moodless but happy,simultaneously.

Infer why I was moodless.
Infer why I was happy.
lala :P.

studied with her at starbucks located at east point.
bee,I'm sorry that I didn't show any care alright?
Although I don't seem like I love you,but I do.
I'm sorry that I didn't shower you enough love for you.
I'm really sorry. :'l.

It's just that I'm really sick and tired of some stupid shits that has occurred today.
But nevertheless,I'm really,honestly,sincerely and utterly contented to see you,my dear.
Happy 232nd day together.
I love you.

let me hear you say those three words
Those three words which means the whole wide world to me.
cause you're the one that I need the most.