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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008 3:42 AM
"A high level of sobriety?"
Mid years are swiftly approaching.
In 8 days time to be exact.
Frankly speaking,I'm sad. ):
Cause I don't get to talk to dear that much,neither does she.

And I didn't get to go to taekwondo today,
cause my fucking cat literally pee-ed on my taekwondo pants la!
I'm left with doubts about my belt promotion,zz.
nevermind,I'll ask dion! :D

Oh ya!I'm down with a repugnant flu.
Thus,I had difficulties in concentrating during lessons,especially physics,
Sweating profusely and,constant dripping of phlegms and feeling lethargic. bluek.

Then my parents came back with plastic bags containing my tops and bottoms!
I fucking love my checkered skinny pants!
Now there's one more piece to fit in the pieces,vans checkered shoes! :D.
I'm craving for so many things.sigh,
I have to starve during recess
I have to starve during recess
I have to starve during recess
I have to starve during recess
I have to starve during recess
I have to starve during recess!!T_T.

anyways,I hope that dear's studying hard for her exams :\
Bee,jia you! don't fail A maths wor! ):
I miss you like crazy.
i love you♥.

Pictures,since last 2weeks to one month ago? i dunno.
Don't mind me being vain.
onegai -_-.

After taekwondo training with maris stella,random again.

Your love docta,Bleah! :P

An exquisite sketch of me,love the shadings and outcome(:

boo ._.ll

think there's more,but i'll upload it on the next post.
I'm lazy to post -.-
whatever your opinions are,I don't give a fuck.
I'm not emo btw.