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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Monday, April 28, 2008 5:29 AM
"Ironic "

we started off with chemistry for the day.
revisions> study> Probability of white hairs producing at this very moment.
But Nevertheless,Thanks to my vast foundation of chemical bonding,
I could lessen the probability of white hairs producing!

Then it was geography.
Dissipated 1/2 of a period.
Fortunately,We still have geography tomorrow!

Maths afterwards.
The Kns coordinate geometry and trigonometry making me lunatic.
well,maybe 1/4 of coordinate geometry.
fret not,I'll prevail.

Mother tongue,
teacher gave bee's school past mid year paper.

Cme was nothing much,I suppose.
Did some wrap ups for the mid year.

Then it was assembly,
and then break and on to "study programme".
Which that uncle Sim didn't make himself present due to some course shit he need to attend.
My hopes of passing A maths..is Fading suddenly.
Don't know why.
I need some maths Pro to help teach me.

Then fetch dear home.
She was feeling unwell.
Heart literally ached lor,wah lao T_T.
sigh :'l

Accompany her home and went back.
and guess what?
I studied SS.

P E D E X guideline to the rescue,
Relatively easy but SEQs Fucking sucks.
Too much to write.

Personal reference:
-Study The rest of good governance.
-Revise general wave properties(physics)
-Revise E maths
-Revise A maths
-Revise a little bit of Geog
-Revise a little bit of chem

and i miss be a lot. :'l