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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Sunday, April 6, 2008 12:32 AM
"Just Miscellaneous stuffs or two"

Yesterday was quite a blissful,hurtful,tiring but utterly contented day for me.
In the morning, Me and Dion went for Taekwondo at Tampines North Community Center.
Utterly anticipating and enthusiastic for the training.

So we went there by Mrt,
Reached in about 10minutes.
Bowed to the Ma'am and Sirs and started training immediately.
Quite "perverse" of them to make us ascend and descend a 12 storey HDB-Flat,3 times each.
But it's not that tiring for me though.
but bleh it wasn't that time consuming! D:

Afterwards,we went to some mini amphitheater and did some foot exercises.
The advent of feeling tired,dehydrated...*Pantpant*.
Trained sparring,Which cause my toes to have blisters.
My right toe was bleeding and the skin was containing the blood. ewww ><..

Right after We finished training, Immediately made my way home and changed.
Bus-ed home ,was a little bit enervated though.
Nonetheless, it was a good thing that I had an adequate amount of sleep the day before
despite the fact that I didn't ate breakfas
t and lunch.

Right,So I
bathed,changed and went to Simei to meet baby. train-ed to tampines to eat and then to bedok took 196 and alighted.

here are pictures :D

Had a great time with baby till evening! :D
hah! :P.
I love it lah!,And i'm missing it at this moment as well! :X.

heh,went home,
dear asked me to watch red dragon.
Slept while watching.zzz.
>.>,didn't catch the ending.

k lar!
I'm ending it here! :D.
byes~ :D.

and and,i love you baby! muacks (: