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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008 7:18 AM
"moodswings are sophisticated"

Somethings are just not going well for me.
Matters that are fucking incinerating my brain cells,
And it results me to be moodier and moodier.
I just don't fucking get it.
I really feel like..ugh,nvm.
Just an indescribable feeling of agony and incense.

Parents, siblings..what are they for?
God,What are they for?
Answer me this fucking question.
What is my existence for?
Cause I'm getting lonelier and lonelier even at home.
There's no fucking sense of belonging in this family already.
Ever since he married her.

But wait,I'm still not as lonely as I used to be,before.
Because I'm putting my all on dear.
I know I can count on her.
But wait,this is just the boon part.

Now it's the bane,I doubt she has time for me.
reminiscence of what my teacher said to us,
majority of the syllabus are covered this year.
This means more concentrating for her,right?


Haven't I tasted enough sorrowfulness and solitudes?
Haven't I tasted gargantuan obstacles enough already?
Haven't I shed enough tears already?
Haven't I..? :'l.

I fucking hate myself for existing.