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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008 4:35 AM
"The stars in the night,
they lend me their light,
to bring me closer to heaven with you ,
so let us prove our love over time so strong in all that we do" (:

Updates for today.
Nothing much had happened,
But,my mind started flooding with pictures and memories I had with dear,
ever since that ear piece went haywire.

I miss her very much ):
I miss you cuddles and kisses.
I miss how you would react after we kiss.
I miss your presence.
I miss everything about you lah dear. )':
I want you )':

Apart from that..
Today we had one of the tideous,most humid,most entertaining,most socializing,lesson ever :D.
Some of the Malays and Chinese were like joining tables at the front.
Learning proves to be facile when you have friends around,seriously.

Syafiq zain,Acted like some kampung boy,leaving his P.E pants and Singlet on him,HAHA.
Then he acted like nerd,wearing and tucking in school shirt while wearing specs.
Super hilarious.

Then Principle came and caught bennicker and Aizat red-handed
for putting their legs on the table.
Then everyone who were wearing P.E was like hastily wearing on their uniform
to avoid being caught

We had P.E..
E maths test was just basic application on trigonometry.
But I think I'm somehow being complacent..oh well :X.
Nonetheless,It went pretty smooth,excluding the last page.

Then had taekwondo training today.
Was really contented with how I performed today.
I jumped real high like one hare.
I jumped longer than anyone in there :P.
Mem blissfully offered me to join for the breaking training on saturday.
woot! :D.

Personal reference only..
- Revise A maths.
- Revise E maths.
- Save smses/ Buy prepaid ASAP.
- Save more money.
- Study Physics,chem.