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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008 7:36 AM
"540 progress,miscellaneous stuffs"

I'm jocund to say that my horrendous 540kick is slowly developing into a near exquisite one.
Soon enough,
I will become one of the taekwondo members who are able to do 540 in my school team!
Woot! :D.
Well,all we did for training was doing countless repetition on patterns.
Fuck my stomach for rumbling as I didn't ate the night before! TT.

Had lessons before taekwondo..
I promised Mdm Zubaidah that I'll write an excellent essay for her.
Oh god X_X.
I think mine is Pretty suckish,
but nonetheless,I'll put it here for presentation or draft rather..
which ever you prefer.

here it is.
"Write about someone you admire very much and explain why that person is special to you"
That saccharine smell that I always love to smell whenever I am around her,
that mellow voice I always find myself reveling perpetually whenever she speaks,
that jocund personality that never fails to brighten up my monotonous and gloomy day.My mother is the person I admire the most,in this whole wide world.
I admire her because she is the one who gave birth to me and brought me into this colossal world,She is the one who feeds me with daily necessities and she is also the one who guides me through whatever,regardless of inquisitions,home,doubt or anything!

To be born in this world with such a caring mother,is an utterly fortuitous thing.The bond that has been liaise eversince birth,it gets stronger and thicker as time passes by,the amount of love created is definitely negligible and not even anyone could break the bond between us.

Having a mother who listens to you whenever you have difficulties in anything you do,is also another fortuitous thing to have.At any point of time in life,there will be problems that might surface to you either a way or another,be it whether it is a problematic situation,peer pressure or anything.I am definitely sure that my mother will be there for me through it all.

Thus,I would like to express my utmost love and appreciation to my mother.Thank you for lending me a helping hand when situations get melancholic or even when I could solve the problems by myself,I thank you once again.Mom,I love you.

Constructive feedbacks,if you want to :D.
heh.that's all,I'm gonna bathe now!

before I forget,
ily bee
happy 271st (":