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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008 8:57 PM
"Bloody motherfucking Hell."

What a day to start.
I was awakened by the screaming made aplenty,
by yours truly,
step sisters and my sister.

I fucking had Lucubrations the night before and eventually slept
at precisely 3.30am.And it was an infantile but an unavailing effort.
sigh,hopes of making My first blogskin went down the drain,not only that,
I fucking wasted time when I should've curled in my bed,oinkoink-ing!

We, the humans,have to have at least 8 hours of sleep.
And I just had around 6 hours of sleep,Coincidentally it happened when I was having a nightmare,about Baby..sigh )':

Thus,I'm obliged to say that I am solemnly incensed,tired,petrified and nettled.

Oh yeah,2 days ago,
I tried kicking like some guy who knows muay thai,
I fucking fell off the god damn floor like some imbecile and injured my knee,
I fucking moaned aplently afterwards.
fortunately,My veins got shifted instead of bursting.
It was an indolent injury though,I recovered in a few hours.
so YAY me.

Hmm,What other things I should emphasize about..
Ah yes,The totally pointless fight that just occurred this morning.
My 3 step sisters are from the Philippines,
so their default language for vulgarities was obviously filipino..
And I and my sisters couldn't comprehend what they were saying,except for some.
First It was among them,then my sister got involved.
One of them got totally exacerbated and threw punches,
sigh.Like wtf man..the fight initiated after a few screams leh for goodness sake x_x.

And My surrealistic dream.
Pretty vague description here,
I was in some kind of a bloody hotel room,heartbroken.
(something to do with bee,i guess ):)

then I left skittles on a table and it went missing when I came back.
Pretty sad.Afterwards I allegedly blame Bennicker(?) for taking it.
Probably we were on a trip on something.

okay,gonna stop the dream thing here,Cause it seems to sound a little bit absurd.

sigh,I woke up with a twinge in my heart):
sigh.I miss my baby alot.
and all the bad words that you may define are just mere anger venting
No,the hotel room is not bloody.
No,I wasn't watching, fucking,or did something obscene the night before.

Dude1:Hey let's escape from this prison!
Dude2:*with a stomache*,okay! :S
Dude1:*runs runs to the fence*
Dude2:*runs to the toilet*
eventually dude 2 went for a toilet break,and dude 1 wondered where he went..
so much for prison break.

*inspired by farn's so much for prison break picture in friendster! :D
written by me worzxzxz! :D

k,that's all (:
time to cs!

Today was a nothing but a pure near-speechless meet.
Don't misapprehend this when you look above,please.
I shall keep whatever things that are related to heart grieving,to my own.
Because I don't intend to hurt you.
We did not kiss nor hug because I intended to do it when we're alone.
But everything seemed unsure when your mom came.
I had to hide,but to my surprise Johan,
my friend that I mentioned earlier,came and tapped me on the shoulder.
If you aren't sure who's he,He's the guy that wore the pink-grey shirt with a zinc bag.
Curiously taking a look to see how you look like,
So nothing personal.

And now you're sad,
But what did I do initially?
Just name me one and I'll be begging you for forgiveness.
Cause I'm just sick and tired of what have been happening to me .
From pointless arguments among sibling,to not sleeping well and to this,I just can't stand it anymore.
Name me your price,I'll pay the cost no matter what.
Just don't leave me,please.