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Saturday, May 17, 2008 11:27 PM
"buried for 1oo hours,omg!"
Okay,I found something that is quite worth blogging about.
Thus,this personal thought embraces today's post. (:

After reading the newspapers today,
I was rather sceptical and flabbergasted of the headlines,
regarding the natural disaster that occurred recently.

But as I scrutinized the article frantically and thoroughly simultaneously,
I came to realize that,I utterly admire that person of great ingenuity.
He was perpetually trapped under heaps of rocks and rubbles for 1oo hours.

Drinking urine and eating cigarettes and paper napkins are not disgusting,no?
Well,majority of us are smite with conscience that drinking natural waste product is disgusting,
but at times which are desperate,it's being resourceful.

Thus,the end of recognition of his resourcefulness.

first and foremost..
fuck the formality! LOL.
Anyway,I'm feeling rather jocund,compared to other previous days.
Step sisters are going back to their home..
awtaz and yayness.
And I am looking forward to meet dearest on monday! :X
heh (:
that's all people.

ps.internet is still as repugnant as ever ):