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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008 9:08 PM
"Diminutive guide to navigate this blog,for the newbies."
Let me elaborate on how do you navigate this blog,to anyone wondering how.
I assume that some of you don't know how :P.
Thus,I shall say it in one sentence,
Just click the damn words? (:

Love section,under construction.I'm gonna put my love dedication to dearest over there.
Heh,I hope she'll melt :S.
Haha,Sigh ):

Since there's nothing,I shall put up prejudgment resolutions for this June holidays,
As to make this jejune holiday more interesting!
  • Homework done ASAP!
  • More and more outing with bee
  • Improve on some mother tongue shit
  • Top in english,Emaths,Amaths,Combined science,Combined Humanities by the year end.
  • Top in the whole level,hopefully by the year end.
  • More patronages from my dad,cause the damn great singapore sale is here! TT.
  • More tags.
  • Hopefully I get 5 points for l1r4 in N and O levels. ):
  • Do 720 kick by the year end
  • Be a Poom belt by next year
  • Get PSP!
  • Get a more better guitar amplifier
  • Spend my birthday with bee
  • Stay supportive of bee,emotionally..since It's hopeless to help her in her academics.
  • Dungeon or any 6f outings? T_T.
Obviously more than this,but these are my priority.
Be reminded that they're in random order.

I want embraces from you.