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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Friday, May 16, 2008 8:35 AM
Today's time was spent carelessly during school.
I was left reticent due to the absentees of teachers,
and after my anticipation for Social studies just utterly went down the fucking drain.
God dammit!

It was a monotonous day indeed.
I felt lethargic during physics,which was a free period,
so I willingly reveled myself in pure oinkoink-ness! :P.
But a 30minutes oinoink-ness was ostensibly inadequate,
Thus I reluctantly got up from my chair and went to recess with my friends.

After school was kinda straight forward,
Went home,bathe, eat,drink and drown myself to near oinkoink mode.
But baby stopped me from doing that and asked me to meet her at BK,white sands.
So I went to find her and her friends and she fed me a sundae pie.

That sweetie! hehs,ily><.
Afterwards,I accompanied baby home and waited for baby to get ready.
while waiting for her,I indulged myself in lala land for about half an hour.

Well,spent time and lalalala~ lor! :P
haha,That's all! :D.

anyways,I would like to clarify things prior to my previous post.
It's all contrived. (For the simplicity of you guys.It means,I planned it,purposely la!)
It's just a way to make the post more humorous,so yeah!
Don't misapprehend the previous post(:

For any curious butthole;
A maths-66/70
E maths - 117/150
English - 85.5/150
Combined science - 84/100
Geog - 19.5/25
Mother tongue; Paper one 40/70 and paper two;15/60 (LOL.)

I think that my mother tongue is quite hopeless.
But that's just for now,*chuckles away*

and bee,I love you! :D
My one and only wish yesterday was to see you
and you made it come true!
I feel loved by you lah!hehe! :X
I'll always love the game we play occasionally! LOL:X
muacks muacks muacks muacks! :D
I love you bee,so damn much x333.
And I miss you too ):