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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008 2:22 AM
"an ordinary day?"

I don't know,Today seems kinda boring ):
Exams are over,There's nothing to do but idle around.
Can't wait for results,I wanna get this anxiousness and avidness off me.
Bleah,kind of a monotonous day ):

Had taekwondo in the morning,late by 3o minutes.
Dion had some stomaches and had to bomb,which caused us to have some delays,lol.
Nothing ironic,It's his daily routine to go to the toilet and bomb,though.
Unlike me,zomfg >.>

So, we reached the community centre,
ran 5 rounds,Sparred,Human pyramid,and some jumping front kick a little bit of aerobics.
So yeah,that's about it.

And I had to be the first one to climb on top of two people who are the base,
Literally trembling while holding the target sia >.>
brr. -_-.

Afterwards,me and dion stayed back till about 12.45?
He went to get ready for work.
Bleah,Boring siaaaa.
I wanna see beebee~ T_T.
I wanna see her
I wanna see her
I wanna see her
I wanna see her
I wanna see her
I desperately want to see her ):
sigh.Cause I miss you like crazy, TT.
I can't wait for this monday,but it seems like it's not coming lah TT.

I can die of boredom
I can die of boredom
I can die of boredom.

bleah,nuff said.
It's utterly futile -.-