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Wednesday, May 7, 2008 7:45 AM
"perseverance=shit,or otherwise?(:"
Countless repetitions,revisions,scrutinizing shits obligated for the mid-years
and the most colossal factor that contributes to this whole thing,perseverance.

Well,Studying with Fahmy,Khairul and Andi during this Period of the mid-year,
is the one of the most copacetic and enjoyable thing I've ever done.
Another thing to mention is Studying with Dion,Jin hui,Wei eang,Bernard and Wei ming
is on par with the malays.I fucking swear it I tell ya.

Not to forget,bee as well (:
Thanks for the moral support
Thanks for your care and concern
Thanks for everything.
I love you laaaaaaaaa(:

Anyways,I've learned many things,learned to clarified my doubts right on the spot.
It's something infantile about the way I study.
It's an Immense + Shiok + satisfying experience to have a study group.

But with every advantages,comes with disadvantages.
Studying with the chinese was..quite distracting as they were jokers
Studying with the Malay was a procrastinating thingy.

see?,But I emphatize about the Bane of these.
So what?,I can sense the avid passion to study in all of them.(:

Thus,I'll end my exposition here and move on with the progress of my Mid-years.

We had malay paper 2 and maths paper 1.

Malay paper 2,
I was literally struggling due to the lack of comprehending malay words.
Fuck _l_.

Maths paper 1,
Copacetic but worrying at the same time luh.
I can answer majority of the questions.
But I'm scared that They might be incorrect. ):
The coordinates thingy on the last page was a killer.
Fuck x_x.

I'm worried about
social studies.

ahhh,social studies must gamble sia.
damn you,bloody SEQ question.